Queen Elizabeth passed away in 2022

Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘bemused’ reaction after meeting Princess Lilibet

When Queen Elizabeth II saw her great-grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, for the last time, she had the cutest reaction.

When the great-grandchildren visited the UK in June 2022 with their parents to celebrate the late monarch’s platinum jubilee, they met the late monarch.

When discussing a poignant moment from his memoir Spare, Prince Harry shared his grandmother’s endearing response to his kids.


Lilibet as a newborn baby
Photo: Netflix


“Archie bowing deeply and chivalrously, his baby sister Lilibet cradling the monarch’s shins,” the author wrote. The sweetest kids, granny said, her expression confused. She had thought they would be a little more…American, I believe.” He went on. meaning, more boisterous, in her opinion.”

Lilibet was aptly named after the Queen, who went by the loving nickname Lilibet; the couple disclosed that Her Majesty had approved of the choice.

In his recently published book, Robert Hardman, the author, claims that a staff member stated that the late monarch was “as angry as I’d ever see her” following the couple’s public declaration that she was “supportive” of their choice to use her childhood name.

“In 2021, after the Sussexes revealed that she had approved of them calling their newborn daughter ‘Lilibet,’ the Queen’s childhood nickname, one staff member “privately recalled that Elizabeth II had been ‘as angry as I’d ever seen her.”


The couple, pictured here celebrating Lilibet’s first birthday, may choose to celebrate at home
Photo: Netflix


“After that, the couple threatened to sue anyone who dared to suggest otherwise, just as the BBC had.” The Sussexes, however, were met with resistance when they attempted to use the Palace to support their version of events.

As far as Her Majesty was concerned, once again it was a case of’recollections may vary’ – the late Queen’s response to the Oprah Winfrey interview. The libel cases against the BBC never came to pass, and those loud threats of legal action eventually vanished.”

In response to rumors at the time regarding their conversation with the Queen, a representative for the Sussexes released a statement.


The sibling duo had their final meeting with the Queen in 2022
Photo: © Netflix


“The Duke had a conversation with his family prior to the announcement; in fact, he started by calling his grandmother.

He mentioned their intention to name their daughter Lilibet in her honor during that conversation. They would not have used the name if she hadn’t been encouraging.”

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