Heidi Agan, who impersonates Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, says Kensington Palace has made the right decision not to divulge more information about the royal's surgery

Princess Kate’s lookalike Heidi Agan breaks silence on conspiracy theory she’s in footage with Prince William

A Princess of Wales lookalike has hit out at “crazy” speculation that she is in the footage with Prince William at Windsor Farm Shop instead of Catherine.

Since she was working on her “other job”—teaching dance and musical theater groups—at the time, Heidi Agan, a professional royal impersonator for 12 years, insisted that she “100%” believes Catherine and William are in the video.


Heidi, pictured, has imitated the future queen for around 12 years


Heidi told the Mirror that after the future queen was photographed at Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday, there were rumors on social media that she had been mistaken for the real Catherine, 42. The Princess of Wales had abdominal surgery in January and hasn’t made an official public appearance since Christmas. This news comes as she continues to recuperate from the procedure.

“There has obviously been some speculation about whether it was Catherine and William in that footage and stills,” mother-of-two Heidi said in an interview with the Mirror. In fact, I know it’s not me, but my own social media has gone crazy because people mistakenly believe it to be. I know that’s not me because I was at work at the time. In that video, I firmly think that’s Kate Middleton and William.”

“Therefore, we can be certain that she is still alive. Now, it’s all gone too far. It needs to end because, although it began as a joke about where Kate was, it has now really turned into a drama.”

Following weeks in which lurid conspiracy theories proliferated online, some on social media questioned the veracity of the video. The video’s creator, Nelson Silva, insisted today that it was authentic.


Heidi teams up with a colleague who plays William at the gigs                                          Image: katemiddletonlookalike /Instagram


Since 2012, when Heidi, 43, was working as a waitress, clients would frequently comment on how much the future queen looked like her. She began professionally portraying Catherine at parties, meet-and-greets, corporate events, and other engagements. For half a year, Heidi ignored the advice, but eventually she gave in and offered her skills as a Catherine impersonator. After several weeks, Heidi was able to leave her day job due to the influx of work.

She claims that because of the increasing rumors regarding Catherine’s health, the past few months have been challenging. The mother now believes that the public should be understanding of Kate and her family and allow her some time to heal from her surgery.

Heidi went on, “If the surgery is something that she wanted to keep private, then they [Kensington Palace] are right not to share more details,” from her home in Northamptonshire. We must respect the fact that she is a public figure but not public property.

Following the release of the video, my social media has gone crazy. It was not me. Joking about Catherine is one thing, but we should give her some space right now. As was initially stated, I’m sure she’ll return after Easter.

“It started as a joke around ‘we’ve found Kate,’ but now it should really stop,” the speaker said. “Since Kate had surgery, I’ve done gigs where people have said ‘there’s Kate.”


The doppelganger has changed her appearance to reflect Kates over the years, including during her pregnancies Image: katemiddletonlookalike /Instagram


Heidi now performs with co-workers who play lookalikes of the family’s dogs and hamster as well as Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The group performs all over the world, from Hong Kong to London.

“The British Royal Family captivates people all over the world. I guess it’s the closest you’ll get to the actual Royal Family. Heidi, the former waitress, remarked, “I have always followed them myself but didn’t think I looked like Kate.”

The mother, who is originally from Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire, shared a photo of Catherine at Windsor Farm Shop on Instagram on Saturday. Some of her 3,000 followers, though, were initially certain that she was the woman standing next to her “William colleague” in the video.

A comment on Instagram read, “I believe that woman is you.” One more person mentioned, “It was this lady at the farm shop.” “How much did you get paid for pretending to be her at the farmers market?” asked another user.


Heidi and her colleague have also, at times, teamed up with Meghan and Harry lookalikes         Image: katemiddletonlookalike /Instagram


However, Heidi went on to give The Mirror her alibi, saying, “I think everyone follows the Royal Family because they are so distinctly British. Whether we like them or not, they are a constant in our lives and we find them interesting. Personally, I enjoy them. My art is merely meant to be lighthearted, and since it frequently catches the audience off guard, it’s enjoyable.

“My clients are always taken by surprise. When I show up, there’s some small talk. My accent is a mishmash of places I’ve lived, so I’ve had to pay special attention to how Kate acts and speaks. I listen to her talk carefully all the time. I believe that all lookalikes diligently study their subjects because self-teaching is a necessity. There are customs. For example, Kate occasionally bites her lip; I’m not sure if this is a sign of nervousness or what.”

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