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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle divide fans with release of defiant statement

The defiant statement made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in response to Jeremy Clarkson’s assertion that he apologized to the couple has divided some fans.

On Monday, Jeremy wrote a lengthy Instagram post in which he expressed his “profound regret” for remarks he had made about Meghan in his Sun column. He added that he had apologized to the couple via email on Christmas Day.


Jeremy Clarkson came under fire for his column
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A statement from Prince Harry and Meghan was swiftly released, but it has divided the public.

According to the Duchess of Sussex’s spokesperson: “Mr. Clarkson only addressed his letter to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, on December 25, 2022. His letters had the words “Private and Confidential” written on them.

“While Mr. Clarkson has issued a new public apology today, his history of penning articles that promote misogyny, dangerous conspiracy theories, and hate speech needs to be addressed.

It is obvious that this is not a single incident shared in haste but rather a series of articles shared in hatred, unless all of his other pieces were also written, as he claims, “in a hurry.”


Harry and Meghan issued a defiant response
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Following news that his partnership with Amazon is now in jeopardy, some fans expressed their worry for Jeremy’s future. While others urged the couple to concentrate on the future, one wrote: “Just keep going, period. Life is far too brief. I have a strange suspicion that H&M will never be content, which makes me sad.”

Another said: “We’re still waiting for Harry and Meghan to apologize for not correcting the record after suggesting that the RF were racist and then changing their minds. What’s the point if they keep asking for apologies but never accept them?”

However, a lot of people sympathized with the couple and quickly offered their support. One wrote, “THEY get to choose when THEY accept the apology.” And that wasn’t an apology either; based on all accounts, he sent his email to Harry since Clarkson only communicates with men.


The couple spoke about Jeremy’s email apology
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Another said: “That #HarryandMeghan are now being held accountable for #JeremyClarkson possibly losing his job infuriates me. THE PUBLIC complained that HE used HIS OWN WORDS. In a statement, H&M admitted that it was all their fault. This information is unimaginable.”

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