Queen Elizabeth II left a short final message for her late husband after his death

The final few words the late Queen wrote in last note to her beloved Prince Philip

Members of the royal family will pay tribute to the Queen on Friday, the first anniversary of her passing.

At this unique occasion, King Charles and Queen Camilla are remembering her commitment to her family, the country, and the Commonwealth. We look back at the Queen’s final written correspondence with her late husband, Prince Philip, who passed away in April 2021.


The Queen left a final message for her late husband


During the Duke’s funeral on April 17, Queen Elizabeth II placed a very special wreath atop his coffin with a special note that seemed to say, “In loving memory, Elizabeth.”

The card was handwritten and had a black border around it, in keeping with the royal family’s customs for mourning. White lilies, tiny white roses, white freesias, white wax flowers, white sweet peas, and jasmine were all featured in the wreath.

On April 9, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99. After 73 years of marriage, the Queen and Philip raised four children: Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and King Charles.

In her youth, she was just Princess Elizabeth, heiress to the British throne, when she first met her handsome war hero, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The then Princess called her husband “an angel” and “the best and nicest man in the world” in letters to her parents and cousin after they were married on November 20, 1947.

Prior to the wedding, Philip stated, “I am certain that I do not deserve all the good things that have happened to me -” to have experienced total and unconditional love.”


The Queen sat by herself during the service


Additionally, he disclosed to biographer Basil Boothroyd, “On occasion, we used to correspond.” You see, it’s hard to picture. I suppose it would have all been frighteningly significant if I had just been a passing acquaintance.

It is not unusual to have a familial relationship with someone if you are related to them; in fact, I knew half of the people in this group. You’re not required to consider getting married.”

“I guess one thing led to another,” he continued. It’s likely that I started to give it some serious thought when I returned in 1946 and visited Balmoral—okay, let me think about it.

“It was probably at that point that we started to really consider it and even have conversations about it. After that, they went on an excursion to South Africa, and upon their return, things were somewhat resolved. That’s precisely what took place.”


Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip after they announced their engagement
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She gave a heartfelt homage to him in a 1997 speech marking their golden wedding anniversary, saying, “He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years.”

Despite expressing her deep sorrow, the late Queen claimed to be consoled by the homages given to Philip’s “extraordinary impact” during her last days. The Duke passed away in 2021 at Windsor.

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