Why Prince Charles Refuses to Tell His Side of the Story About What Happened With Princess Diana

Prince Charles every storey has multiple sides, but for years, the only one that has been told has been the one Princess Diana told the public in Andrew Morton’s book Diana: Her True Story and during her Panorama interview.

In 1994, Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales admitted to being unfaithful to each other during their marriage. The prince never spoke out about anything he and his ex-wife went through again after Diana’s explosive interview with journalist Martin Bashir the following year.

Princess Diana’s storey astounded and moved a lot of people.

The storey Diana told the world touched many people because it demonstrated that even a princess was not perfect and that she, like the rest of us, had to deal with heartbreak and problems. Her revelation about her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, his mistress, galvanised the nation’s support for the princess.

Because Diana was such a popular figure while she was alive, Camilla was dubbed “Public Enemy No. 1” after her death. Although it took several years for Charles’ second wife to gain public acceptance in the United Kingdom, their reputations were tarnished by a series of documentaries about Diana’s life. Season 4 of The Crown, which premiered in 2020, enraged viewers once more.

The reputations of Charles and Camilla are being ruined all over again.

The Netflix drama delved into the Prince and Princess of Wales’ troubled marriage and painted Charles and Camilla in a negative light. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were attacked on social media as a result of their behaviour in the series toward Diana’s character.

Many of the hateful comments were directed at Camilla, with viewers calling her a “monster” and a “house breaker,” according to Page Six. “Money can buy you fancy clothes and jewellery, but not DIANA’s class, charm, or magnetic presence,” one user wrote, praising Diana over Camilla. In a million years, you’ll never be able to replace her. Now and forever, she is our PRINCESS!”

Why isn’t Prince Charles bringing up Princess Diana right now?

An acquaintance of Prince Charles, Howard Hodgson, told the Express that dealing with backlash over Diana is nothing new for the heir apparent.

“Prince Charles has seen it all before in this regard — when they were separated, when the princess died, and now this,” Hodgson said.

No one should hold their breath for the future king to speak out about what happened during his marriage to the late princess, he added, because “Charles has never been prepared to [tell his version of events] against the memory of his first wife.”

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