The Prince and Princess visited the shop after watching their children play sport

Princess Kate seen on video for first time since surgery looking happy & relaxed on shopping trip with William

The Duchess of Wales appeared content and at ease while shopping with her loyal husband, William.

Catherine, 42, strolled through the farm shop parking lot while wearing her own shopping, dressed casually in a hoodie and leggings.

Shortly after The Sun exclusively disclosed that Catherine had spent Saturday shopping in Windsor and Sunday morning watching her kids play sports, footage surfaced.


Kate, 42, dressed down in a hoodie and leggings, carried her own shopping as she strolled through the car park at a farm shop
Credit: The Sun / TMZ


Weeks of disgusting and harassing behavior online, where lurid conspiracy theories have proliferated unchecked, preceded this.

Even after the public saw Wills and Kate, some people didn’t think the front pages from yesterday were real.

Last week, after Catherine received harsh criticism for editing her Mother’s Day family photo, The Sun called on everyone to “Lay Off Kate.”

The Princess of Wales was well enough, according to yesterday’s Sun, to visit Windsor Farm shopping.

While out buying steak, 40-year-old Nelson Silva noticed Catherine and William in the bread section.

“I saw a couple choosing loaves of bread, and the woman turned her face, and I felt like I recognized the face,” he said to The Sun. It was recognizable. Somehow, I was aware of it.

William then turned around, and I had the thought, “Hold on, I know this person.” As I was paying, I told the employees, “I think it’s them.”


Nelson Silva, 40, who took the video, was shopping for steak at the farm shop when he spotted Kate and William in the bread aisle
Credit: The Sun / TMZ


“I simply filmed them as they left the store after heading to my car. I believe they left the property by way of a gate. They simply disappeared, and I didn’t see any cars.

“I just wanted to share with my family footage and show just how normal they were.”

The pair, he said, “were super relaxed” and clearly had “chemistry”.

They didn’t seem to be trying to hide who they were. However, there has been a lot of speculation about their whereabouts, so they weren’t entirely sure how people would respond. It seemed like they were just trying to get in quickly.

“Kate appeared content and at ease. They appear content simply to be able to go shopping and socialize. Kate appeared to be relieved that her trip to the store had gone well. It seemed right.”

“Exactly what I saw” was the statement made by another eyewitness after viewing the video.

“Like thousands of other couples across the nation, it’s just a woman shopping with her husband on a Saturday afternoon,” they continued.

“I’m delighted that she is well and everyone else can see her back on her feet enjoying life again.”


The couple appeared relaxed and in good spirits on their outing
Credit: The Sun / TMZ


The Princess and William had a busy weekend, which included watching their kids play sports together: George, 10, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5.

In the first video of the royal mother-of-three since Christmas Day, Catherine is seen on Saturday at the farm shop, which is about a mile from the Waleses’ Windsor residence at Adelaide Cottage, packing a shopping bag full of goodies.

For a few seconds, she and her spouse were captured on camera walking side by side from the store back towards the parking lot.

Even though Catherine rarely wears anything other than the newest styles for formal royal events, her black three-quarter zip hoodie and black leggings for the weekend looked put together.

In addition to wearing black sneakers and grey socks pulled up over the bottom of her pants, Catherine gave a glimpse of her typical weekend “dress-down” ensemble.

With her hair blowing in the wind, Catherine seemed happy, grinning and chatting with William.

Wills wore blue jeans, grey trainers, a black rain jacket, and a beige baseball cap.

The future King also brought items from the Windsor Farm Shop in his bag.


Princess Kate beamed as she walked alongside William
Credit: The Sun / TMZ


Arthur Edwards, the royal photographer for The Sun, also expressed how the video “warmed my heart”.

“It’s nice to see Catherine looking so happy,” he continued. I’m constantly getting asked, “Where’s Kate?” How is Kate doing?

“The solution is in these images. It’s clear that she’s healing nicely from the fairly major surgery she underwent in January.

“The pictures of her grinning make me very happy, and I have no doubt that millions of people will also be delighted to see the Princess in public.

“There have been so many rumours circulated about her on social media – but they can now be put to rest.”

According to Kensington Palace, Kate is “doing well” and will only provide meaningful updates while she heals.

After needing major surgery at The London Clinic on January 17 for her abdomen, she stayed in the hospital for 13 nights.

“The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will generate,” the palace stated at the time. She hopes that the general public will respect her wish to keep her children’s lives as normal as possible and to keep her private medical records.”


Other shoppers seemed unfazed by the royals’ appearance at the store
Credit: The Sun / TMZ


However, during the last two months, unfounded rumors have proliferated on the internet.

On the internet, conspiracy theories proliferate because they are just too absurd to print in tabloids.

A palace spokesperson criticized the “madness of social media” earlier this month.

She won’t be available until April, according to Kensington Palace’s consistent statements.

It’s now thought that Catherine might make a comeback in the middle of April, following her kids’ Easter school vacations.

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