Royal expert Michael Cole slammed the Duke of Sussex for his lack of a response amid the Princess of Wales' recovery periodPhoto: Animated Times

Prince Harry Slammed for His ‘Deplorable’ Response to Princess Kate’s Health Challenges

While the public continues to be concerned about Princess Catherine’s health, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to public attend engagements.

Michael Cole, a royal expert, attacked the Duke of Sussex for failing to respond while the Princess of Wales was recovering.

According to Cole, on GB News, “even the worst rows are patched up when people are really up against it, even in families where there is a falling out.” “Prince Harry, who was so close to his brother and the Princess of Wales, I think that is quite deplorable.”


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t released a statement about Catherine’s health
Source: MEGA


Harry participated virtually in The Diana Awards ceremony on Thursday, March 14, while Prince William left the premises early on. He has refrained from publicly commenting on Catherine’s condition.

“I can’t help but think of their mother, the departed and sadly missed Diana. “This would really bother her,” the pundit went on. She believed that the boys would support one another no matter what. She would be extremely upset to see what has transpired. It would break her heart, so I’m really glad she’s not here to witness it.

OK! previously mentioned, public relations expert Ryan McCormick thinks Catherine’s illness will serve as a trigger for the Sussexes to put an end to their rivalry with the Wales.

“Meghan and Harry now have a golden opportunity to not only accelerate healing their riff with the royal family but to restore some of their likability in the eyes of the public,” McCormick told a news organisation. “If I was advising Meghan, I would tell her to speak loud and passionate in defence of Catherine.”


The Princess of Wales won’t return to royal duties until Easter
Source: MEGA


“Meghan may not like being on the brunt of negative press but, she’s definitely more familiar with it than Catherine,” said the expert. “The Duchess could help the Princess of Wales tremendously by guiding her through this crisis publicly and behind the scenes.”

Meghan faced criticism from the media during her reign as a royal, and Catherine faces intense scrutiny after posting an altered photo to social media again.

“The controversy surrounding Catherine’s Mother’s Day photo has now become a full-blown PR crisis,” McCormick stated.

“Some sites have listed up to 18 noticeable edits including a missing wedding ring,” he stated. “The only thing that I haven’t seen yet is proof of changes to Catherine’s face and skin tone, which may indicate a disguise of her actual state of illness. The person who made the image public might want to think about changing careers.”


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the royal fold in 2020
Source: MEGA

Graham Smith, an anti-monarchist, claimed that The Firm’s reaction to Catherine’s error demonstrated their ignorance.

“Catherine’s statement does not provide an answer. Smith told an outlet, “We can all see that the photo has been altered. “The reason behind this is the question. Why is the original photo still hidden? A statement obtained through Prince William’s press office that provides no explanation or insight demonstrates a general disdain for the public.”

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