The Wales family relocated to Windsor from London in 2022

Prince William and Princess Kate’s big change in sleeping arrangements for George, Charlotte and Louis at Adelaide Cottage

The Prince and Princess of Wales moved from London to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, where they now lead a slower-paced lifestyle, a little more than a year ago.

Just a short distance from Windsor Castle, the Grade-II listed home on King Charles’s estate features a lovely garden that their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, can enjoy.


The Prince and Princess of Wales used to live permanently at Kensington Palace
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The royal couple’s bedroom arrangement at the cottage differs from that of their central London residence, Apartment 1A inside of Kensington Palace, in addition to the fact that their surroundings are drastically different.

The ground floor of Prince William and Princess Kate’s London residence once housed their master bedroom. Their personnel used to live on the upper floor, which is why they had this peculiar setup.

One of the staff members in their group was Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, a full-time royal nanny who used to live in with the family and look after their three kids.


Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis started at Lambrook School last year, accompanied by the Prince and Princess of Wales   Photo: Pool


The family eliminated their live-in help when they moved into the four-bedroom Windsor home, and it is highly probable that they would now sleep upstairs, on the same floor as their kids, as is the case in most typical homes.

George, ten, Charlotte, nine, and Louis, five, who also changed schools during the family’s turmoil, would have experienced a significant adjustment with the move to Windsor.

It is not surprising that the family has not shared any images of the interior of their historic home, as they may have relocated to a more rural area in order to have more privacy.


Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are now being raised in Windsor


But the Prince of Wales did give royal fans an inside look at his private residence when he spoke to emergency service personnel who are aiding in the recovery effort after flooding in Australia.

The family’s cozy study, featuring beige walls, an upholstered armchair, and an antique wooden dresser, seemed to be the source of the video call.

The darkly varnished unit was brimming with ornaments, ranging from white ornaments depicting a man riding a horse to china plates. Maybe this hints at what the rest of their traditional décor is like?


The Wales children attend Lambrook School in Berkshire
Photo: Pool


The Sun claims that the couple’s bedroom has an intriguing nautical theme with ceiling rope decorations from a 19th-century royal yacht and golden dolphins. The royals could have altered the interior design, of course, but given the house’s historical significance, they must exercise caution when doing so.

Adelaide Cottage was constructed in 1831 as a retreat for Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the wife of William IV. Queen Victoria used to love to come here for breakfast.

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