The Princess of Wales helped to pack aid boxes

Princess Kate bonds with little girl over Princess Charlotte’s love of singing at Ukraine community hub

During a visit to a Bracknell centre, the Princess of Wales shared how her daughter Princess Charlotte had made her morning when they connected over music with a young child.

At the Vsi Razom Community Hub, Kate, 41, rolled up her sleeves and joined volunteers in packing aid boxes that would be returned to Ukraine.

The mother-of-three royal emphasised the efforts of the hub, which provides assistance to Ukrainians impacted by the ongoing conflict.


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Kate’s visit took place on the same day as the hub celebrated its first anniversary. The hub was started by Ashleigh Toomey, a UK resident, and Natalia Vil, an Estonian who has lived in the UK for 25 years and is married to a Ukrainian.

The Princess had a conversation with eight-year-old Liza Sverdlova during her outing.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have made several trips since the start of the conflict in Ukraine to showcase UK-based organisations that are providing resources and support.

The Princess was given an overview of the hub’s various services by volunteers at the beginning of her visit.


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The English translation of the Ukrainian name Vsi Razom is “all together.”

“Thank you,” she said to the refugees and volunteers from Britain and Ukraine who were assisting at the hub in the Lexicon shopping centre. Kindly continue the fantastic work you are doing. Seeing the work that is being done is fantastic.”

As Kate started packing her box, she enquired, “Is there a technique?” and was told to place the heaviest items at the bottom.


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Her response, upon learning that a large number of Ukrainians had offered their time to assist at the centre, was, “It must feel good for them to be able to do something for the people back home.”

Following the packing of her box, the Princess wrote a heartfelt note that read, “We are all thinking of you.”

Kate is starting to make trouser suits her signature look. For her most recent ensemble, she wore a crisp white shirt layered over a jumper vest.


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She wore her brunette hair in loose waves reminiscent of the 1970s and accessorised with a delicate pair of hooped earrings.

The Princess participated in a hub arts and crafts programme, where she created a Ukrainian ribbon brooch using the nation’s colours.

Kate joked, “I’m not sure you’re going to be able to sell this one,” following her exertions.

Additionally, the princess assisted three-year-old Sofiya Ovchinnik, hub co-founder Natalia’s daughter, in finishing a paper flower collage.


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The young child’s mother made fun of the fact that the pink dress, beaded necklace, and tiara she was wearing were her “normal” clothes and that she hadn’t dressed up for the visit.

For displaced Ukrainians, the center’s sessions offer a vital lifeline where they can get support, guidance, and make friends in their neighbourhood.

The princess was then asked to put a disposable glove on her right hand and sign her name on a painting of a tree commemorating the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.


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Kate stated, “I’ve never done a handprint with a glove on,” prior to applying her fingerprint to the canvas. It will be a little bit cleaner because kids usually end up with paint all over the place.”

During lockdown in April 2020, the royal mother captured the momentous occasion of witnessing her youngest son, Prince Louis, create rainbow handprints to commemorate his second birthday.

Kate also heard from Tetiana Sverdlova, the Hub’s psychologist, who meets with displaced Ukrainians once a week to talk about the difficulties they face adjusting to life in the UK.

A family in Bracknell provided refuge to Mrs. Sverdlova, who arrived in the United Kingdom in April 2023 as part of the Homes for Ukrainian People programme.


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“We will continue to reside with them. They truly are wonderful people,” she remarked. It’s been fantastic. That is one lovely city, Bracknell. People are really hospitable. We sense a lot of help.

While her parents and two sons, ages 16 and 23, remain in Ukraine, her eight-year-old daughter Liza was present to greet the princess.

Co-founder Natalia expressed hope that the royal visit would increase awareness of the hub and encourage more support from nearby businesses after she had departed.

“It was really amazing,” she continued. She was very amiable. She conversed with each person in the room, taking her time.

As a tribute to the Ukrainian flag, the Princess was also given a lovely bouquet of blue and yellow flowers.


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Outside the community hub, a group of people had gathered, and Kate spent some time chatting and giving hugs to those who had come to wait for her.

When Kate went to the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre in November of last year, she honoured the “bravery” of displaced families.

A virtual roundtable discussion was also arranged by the Prince and Princess’ Royal Foundation to offer guidance on how to support the First Lady of Ukraine’s mental health plan.

Kate’s unexpected visit on Wednesday coincided with her and William’s trip to Cardiff to kick off Black History Month.


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At the Grange Pavilion, the royal couple met Windrush veterans. In a group photo, the Prince made a joke, asking, “Who’s pinching my bottom?”

While speaking with sixth formers at Fitzalan High School, the Princess also disclosed how she is assisting Prince George in getting ready for his impending exams.

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