The Prince and Princess of Wales visited California as part of their US and Canada tour in 2011

Prince William and Kate’s secret outing in Los Angeles revealed

The future King and Queen Consort doesn’t cross your path very often, but Jay Leno did just that in 2011.

A hilarious video from The Kelly Clarkson Show has made a comeback online, telling the tale of Jay’s chance encounter with the Prince and Princess of Wales one morning.

This clip from the show, which has received over 66,000 views on X (then-Twitter), featured the American TV host talking about his chance meeting with William and Catherine when he went to get the Sunday paper out of his driveway.


Prince William and Kate arrive at the 2011 BAFTA Brits To Watch Event in Los Angeles, California
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Jay described the shock he felt as soon as he left his Beverly Hills house, which was situated on a cul-de-sac.

He said, “I reach the top of my driveway.” “I notice that there are two of the most exquisitely dressed individuals.”

Jay went on, graciously acting out the scene from the show. “A man looks back. ‘Prince William?’ I ask. ‘Hello,’ he says.

“Kate Middleton?” Jared poses a question in character before mimicking the Princess’s higher-pitched response, “‘Lovely home!'”


William and Kate regularly engage in charity work
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Then Jay questioned the two, as if it were common to run into British royals outside your house, “What brings you to my driveway?”

Jay informed the viewers that his neighbor is a kind philanthropist and that the Prince and Princess of Wales, who were visiting the US on a formal tour, had stopped by to express their gratitude for the children’s charity event that morning on his front lawn.

The Tonight Show host laughed as she continued, recalling that William had inquired about the pair’s ability to stay on Jay’s lawn while they waited for their vehicle to come get them.

“Please feel free to spend the entire day on my driveway,” I said. Jay disclosed.



He told his wife what had happened on their driveway when he got back home, but she didn’t really believe him.

“I tell my wife that the next English king and queen are waiting for us in the driveway.”

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