The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a two-bedroom outbuilding on their private estate

Is this the first ever look at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s secluded guest house?

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex welcomed film crews to film on their expansive Montecito estate for their popular Netflix series, Harry & Meghan. Did the royal couple finally reveal their two-bedroom guest house, in addition to a peek of their outdoor pool and an inside look at Princess Lilibet’s nursery?


The family have a huge estate in the US
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In the first episode, Meghan Markle was seen carrying baby Lilibet in a carrier on her front and tending to her hens in a sizable chicken coop. There’s a large building with a tiled roof to the left as the camera follows the Duchess down the path and into the pen. It’s possible that this is the first time fans have ever seen a preview of the private haven.

There’s a wide area in front of the chicken coop with a big tree and an outdoor dining set; it’s a quiet place for breakfast in the morning or dinner outside.


What else do we know about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s guesthouse?


Meghan Markle’s mum Doria Ragland spends a lot of time with the family
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The condo is rumoured to have two bathrooms in addition to its two bedrooms.

Although we haven’t seen inside the walls, the main nine-bed residence’s exquisite interiors make us think it deserves a hotel!

Since Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland’s own property is two hours away by car, it’s the ideal guest house for her when she visits.

A variety of amenities are available at the couple’s stunning home, such as an adventure playground with two slides, a tightrope, a climbing frame, a helter skelter, and two different kinds of climbing walls.


The main house boasts opulent amenities such as a wine cellar, games room, and spa complete with separate dry and wet saunas!

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle buying a new house?


The family have an outdoor pool
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The pair has not confirmed any of the numerous rumours that surfaced earlier this summer claiming they were looking for a new house in Malibu.

The seaside city of Malibu is about an hour and forty minutes’ drive from Hollywood and their current residence.

It’s possible that their professional obligations will force them to live nearer to Hollywood, but it would seem difficult for them to give up their Montecito mansion given how much they fell in love with it.


There are rumours that the couple are property hunting


Meghan told The Cut, “We tried everything to get this house.” “Because you enter and leave… Happiness. And release the breath. and composed. It’s restorative. I feel liberated.” They were also won over by two trees that were there. “Those two palm trees were among the first things my husband saw when we strolled around the house,” Meghan disclosed. “Observe the connection between them at the bottom? ‘My love, it’s us,’ he says. And from now on, Archie greets us every day with a “Hello, Momma.” Hello, Papa.

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