Melanie Sanderson from The Good Schools Guide speaks to HELLO!'s A Right Royal Podcast about the next steps for Princess Charlotte's education

Why Princess Charlotte may not follow in mum Princess Kate’s footsteps with her school choice

During the conversation with Melanie Sanderson, Managing Editor of The Good Schools Guide, it became clear that Princess Charlotte might not be taking Princess Kate’s educational path.

“Marlborough is exclusively coeducational. Why wouldn’t they send the boys to Marlborough if they were sending Charlotte? Melanie conjectured.


Princess Kate studied maths, english and art at Marlborough College
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Between 1996 and 2000, the Princess of Wales attended Marlborough College, where she excelled in the school’s hockey team and studied for her A-levels. Kate appeared to really love the Marlborough grounds, and with 280 acres to explore, how could she not?

But Princess Charlotte’s road isn’t quite so obvious. There might be more to take into account given that she and her two royal siblings, Prince George and Prince Louis, are currently enrolled at Lambrook School in Bracknell.

In fact, it would be interesting to see if the Princess and Prince of Wales’ second child would still need to be kept apart from her two brothers if she attended a mixed public school. Naturally, George and Louis would have to deviate from Eton College’s custom of attendance, which has selected 15 members of the British royal family over the years.


The royal children currently attend Lambrook School
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Melanie acknowledged, “Marlborough is a great school, but Eton is more than one head and shoulders level above,” on the It’s A Right Royal podcast on HELLO! Television.

“George is the king of tomorrow. Perhaps they wish for him the absolute best.”

Eton is also attractive because it is close to Windsor Castle, whereas Marlborough College, which is located in Wiltshire, is obviously not. Melanie gave an explanation for why the Prince and Princess of Wales might be even less inclined for Charlotte to attend Marlborough given that Eton has recently entered a more progressive phase.

Previously, boys had to stay on school property at all times, but these days, it’s usual for mothers to stop by and have a coffee or tea with them on the high street. They are permitted to spend the night at home on a Saturday or Sunday.”


Prince William enrolled at Eton College in 1995


Melanie emphasized, though, that with Marlborough: “Wiltshire is a journey. They cannot simply go home for tea, even though I am aware that they will have a royal fleet. She would be living in a much fuller boarding house.”

“My feeling is that they will want to keep her a little bit closer to home,” Melanie continued.

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