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Meghan Markle’s secret outing in Dusseldorf revealed following end of Invictus Games

The world was excited for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to return to the United States soon after the Invictus Games, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had other ideas.

Their trip took an interesting detour when Meghan was spotted at the TrebeCafé in Dusseldorf. On Monday night, two brand-new images of the mother-of-two surfaced on social media, featuring Meghan interacting with a young child and posing with a woman. The Duchess looked chic for her outing in grey cable knit jumper and Toteme pleated high-waisted pants.


The Duchess paid a private visit to Trebe Cafe whilst in Dusseldorf
Photo: Patrick van Katwijk


The goal of the café is very important: it provides clean clothes, meals, showers, and a short-term place to sleep for girls and young women who are homeless. But most importantly, it gives them advice and support.

This unexpected detour followed an intensely emotional conclusion to the sixth Invictus Games.


Meghan looked stunning in a teal dress, whilst Prince Harry looked dapper in a dark suit
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What is the purpose of the Invictus Games?

The 39-year-old Duke established The Invictus Games in 2014 with the goal of assisting in the recovery of wounded and ill veterans and military personnel worldwide by providing them with the opportunity to compete in Paralympic-style sporting events.

As stated on the official website, “The Games use sport’s ability to promote healing, encourage rehabilitation, and foster greater respect and understanding for those who serve their nation. The Invictus Games are about much more than just athletics; they inspire passion, test rational thinking, and transform lives.”


Meghan Markle appeared excited when the Nigeria team appeared on stage
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Meghan and Harry at the 2023 Invictus Games

They looked absolutely stunning when they arrived at the Games. Harry looked sharp in his black suit, but Meghan looked even better in a green strapless gown with elaborate laser-cut floral details.

The boisterous pair erupted in applause when the U.S. squad entered to Bruce Springsteen’s stirring anthem, Born in the USA.

Harry’s farewell speech, which was delivered in part in German, emphasized the competitors’ unbreakable spirit. We’ve all seen firsthand the genuine influence sports have on your ability to heal. People’s hearts have been opened by you because of your strength, resiliency, and sheer talent. You have demonstrated to us that happiness can come from adversity,” he exclaimed with fervor.

The week was quite eventful, to put it mildly. Harry gave a passionate speech that emphasized the spirit of the Games—the spirit of the people. “You are still a member of a team even though you aren’t wearing camouflage right now,” Harry said, highlighting the importance of loyalty, resiliency, and friendship.


The Duke also delivered an emotional speech during the closing ceremony
Photo: Getty Images


Later, Meghan came to see him. She openedly revealed that she had taken a short break, explaining it away as family obligations. She made light of school drop-offs and milkshake runs, then emphasized how Invictus had created a sense of community.

She mentioned her two children in passing during her speech and said she hoped to eventually bring them to more Invictus events.

She stated: “Like so many of you, I just had to spend a little bit more time at home getting our little ones settled, getting milkshakes, doing school drop off, and then I landed a couple of hours ago. This is about family and friends and the community that Invictus has created, that Fisher House has created.”

During the week, the couple demonstrated unwavering enthusiasm by participating in multiple sports and voluntarily posing for an endless number of selfies. They commanded attention while giving medals at a variety of occasions.


Meghan joined her husband on stage
Photo: Getty Images


Prince Harry’s birthday serenade

Harry’s 39th birthday, when he was heartily serenaded during a sitting volleyball match between Poland and Germany, was unquestionably the most emotional high of the week.

Birthday greetings were not limited to the legal system. The founder of Invictus Games received an abundance of birthday wishes on social media.

“Happy Birthday to Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex,” read a post. You’ve inspired millions, offered hope, and never stop making people happy.”

Despite the couple’s 2020 disassociation from some royal duties, Harry’s dedication to the Invictus Games is unwavering.


Meghan Markle stood by Prince Harry’s side during the closing ceremony
Photo: Getty Images


They have a particular place in their hearts for the occasion because it served as the setting for their first public appearance together in Toronto in 2017.

It was clear that Meghan was steadfastly in favor of her husband’s initiative. She supported him both in The Hague and during the 2018 Sydney Games.

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