Prince Harry will mark his 39th birthday on Friday

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoy intimate pre-birthday meal – details

On Friday, the seventh day of the Games, Prince Harry will celebrate his 39th birthday. In preparation for his big day, he and his spouse, Meghan Markle, went out to have a special dinner with their close team. The pair was spotted at the Brauerei Schumacher restaurant “Im Goldenen Kessel,” located in the heart of Dusseldorf.

The occasion was described as a “family meal” for the couple and their Archewell group by a source. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of regional specialties, such as Wiener Schnitzel and Bratwurst. HELLO! was given exclusive access to a restaurant staff member who stated that the Duke and Duchess were warmly welcomed and that the Prince was “very generous, and tipped very well.”


Harry and Meghan dined with members of Archewell
Photo: Instagram


Thea Ungermann, the restaurant owner, continued, “The couple drank our beer, Schumacher Alt, which is the same beer that is served at the Invictus Games, and they were very laid back. During the dinner, Harry and Meghan were seated next to one another. Upon entering the restaurant, I felt shivers down my spine because I had seen him give a speech on stage at the Invictus Games and couldn’t believe he was here. I was hugged by Prince Harry, who was really charming.”

“It felt like a very happy family meal,” a source said. It was a wonderful experience because it was Harry and Meghan’s first night dining out of the hotel restaurant. Although they eat with their team every night, this particular evening was unique.”

While the Duke wore a sharp shirt and jeans, Meghan looked stunning in white pants and a striped shirt.

Once they had finished eating, the party returned to the hotel, where the Prince was given some cakes and a group ‘Happy Birthday’ shout.


Meghan Markle poses for a picture at the sitting volleyball competition
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The excursion follows a busy day for the royal couple, who met in private with NATO representatives prior to the events of Day 6. The couple watched Ukraine take on Nigeria in the sitting volleyball match as their first sporting event of the day. Meghan, who learned last year that she is Nigerian, might have had a slight preference.

The Nigerian flag was waved, the royal couple was seen getting into the mood by hugging, whooping, cheering, and even taking selfies with onlookers who were seated close to them.

Meghan also showed compassion by consoling German volleyball player Tino Wesser, who tragically broke his leg on a wet court and will not be able to play in the Games. She was seen running through the Merkur Spiel Arena after the game to personally console the former soldier.


Meghan comforted one of the athletes
Photo: Jordan Pettitt / PA Images


“Meghan was told about Tino’s accident and how upset he was that he could no longer compete,” a Team Germany member stated. She heard how upset he was about the accident and asked to speak with him. We appreciate it very much; it was a very kind gesture.”

The Duchess had an exciting encounter with the Nigerian team members the day before, and they gave her the cutest nickname, Amira Ngozi Lolo. Legendary warrior princess Amira, blessed Ngozi, and royal wife Lolo are all related. In keeping with tradition, the Australian team made sure to give the Duke a pair of budgie smugglers, which Harry found to be an equally astounding gift.

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