The Princess of Wales debuted a brand new hairstyle for her visit at HMP High Down ahead of Addiction Awareness Week

Princess Kate surprises with new It-girl bangs on latest engagement

Tuesday, the Princess of Wales made a moving appearance and surprised the inmates of Surrey’s HMP High Down men’s prison.

In her capacity as patron of The Forward Trust, a nonprofit that helps addicts in the criminal justice system manage and overcome their addictions, the 42-year-old royal was acting in her official capacity. In addition to conversing with prisoners at HMP High Down, Princess Catherine also gained insight into the experience of family members visiting their incarcerated loved ones.


The Princess of Wales visits HMP High Down in Sutton, Surrey
Photo: James Whatling


The royal visit coincides with Addiction Awareness Week, which takes place from October 28 to November 4, with the theme “Everybody Knows Somebody” to highlight the wide range of people in society who are impacted by addiction. HMP High Down is home to about 1,100 prisoners.

Wearing a smart tailored trouser suit in a rich aubergine color, the wife of Prince William looked effortlessly put together and impeccable as usual. The royal wore towering navy heels and a ribbed cream top layered over her form-fitting jacket.


Kate Middleton rocks Alexander McQueen tailored suit
Photo: Getty Images


Princess Catherine’s Alexander McQueen power suit, with its sharply pointed structure and slightly fluted sleeves, had a dramatic silhouette that was defined by its retro padded shoulders. The royal has worn the vampire-themed purple outfit before. When Catherine and Prince William disembarked from their flight for their royal tour of Boston in December of last year, she demonstrated her fashion sense in the designer ensemble once more.

The mother-of-three’s luscious brunette locks were styled into a bouncy, curled look, which was the most striking aspect of her outing. She also enhanced her natural beauty with her go-to makeup of peachy blush, golden bronzer, and defined, fluffy brows.


Did Princess Kate just get the It-girl haircut of the season?
Photo: Mark Cuthbert


The Princess of Wales’s Rapunzel-esque locks appear to have been chopped off to make way for bouncy 70s bangs, the newest It-girl hairstyle of the season.

The royal’s new hairstyle quickly caught the attention of royal fans. One person posted on Twitter, saying: “I adore Kate’s new curtain bangs hairstyle—it’s so trendy right now. She looks great in it!”

One more wrote: “Amazing. Another said, “Her new hair looks unreal,” adding, “The Princess of Wales looks so good today.”


The Princess of Wales’ hair is usually preened to perfection

Does the Princess of Wales have hair extensions?

There’s no doubting that Princess Catherine literally has a mane of hair fit for a Disney princess. Long a subject of discussion among royal fans, the mother-of-three’s luscious brunette locks have left many wondering if the mother-of-three uses hair extensions to accentuate her naturally thick and glossy mane.

To end the argument, HELLO! spoke with Olia Cutz, the founder of The Extensionist, an authority on extensions, back in 2022. “Kate could have easily gotten ultra bonds, or tapes—extremely tiny hair extension strands. They are so subtle that they are very difficult to notice, but they can give length and thickness to any type of hair.”


Does the Princess of Wales have hair extensions?


“Princess Kate appears to have added a little bit of extra length to her natural hair, even though the change is quite subtle,” comments Olia. “These days, there are a lot of undetectable hair extension techniques,” she continued.

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