The Duke of Sussex had a delayed response when he was asked 'What do you do?'

See Prince Harry’s awkward reaction when he’s quizzed on his job

Even though Prince Harry was raised in the British Royal Family and had a prosperous army career, he found it difficult to respond immediately when asked, “What do you do?” while filming the Heart of Invictus Netflix documentary.

As the words “Duke of Sussex” and “British army veteran” flickered on the screen, the Duke of Sussex took a moment to consider his role.


Prince Harry rose to the rank of Captain
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He speaks first and foremost of his two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, demonstrating how much he values his role as a father.

In a letter to US Congress members shortly after the couple’s daughter was born in 2021, Meghan stated that they wanted to “devote any and everything to our kids and to our family” and that she supported parental leave.

In her post, the former actress said, “My husband and I welcomed our second child in June. As any parents would be, we were ecstatic. Like a lot of parents, we felt overburdened. We were spared the painful reality of having to choose between returning to work or spending those first few crucial months with our child, like fewer parents were.


Harry and Meghan have two kids together
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We were aware that once we brought her home, we could dedicate ourselves fully to our children and our family during that crucial and holy time. We were aware that by doing this, we would avoid having to make the difficult decisions that so many people do on a daily basis regarding childcare, employment, and health care.”


The royal is a doting dad
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Prince Harry’s military career


According to the Royal Website, Prince Harry enrolled in The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in May 2005 to start his cadet training. He served two tours of duty in Afghanistan during his ten-year military career, rising to the rank of captain. Since then, the Duke has called the period he had “the happiest time of my life.”

However, the father of two was not always set on a career in the army; in his frank autobiography, Spare, he discussed his goals for the future after Eton.


Harry chose a military career
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He stated, “I had been talking seriously for a few years about working at the Lech am Arlberg ski resort, where Mummy used to take us.”

In particular, I wanted to work at Mummy’s favorite fondue hut in the town center. Your life could be changed by that fondue. (I was that angry, really.) However, when I informed Pa that I had given up on the fondue fantasy, he exhaled in relief.”


The Duke spent 10 years in the army


Along with exploring other career options, he also tested the waters with his father. “I was intrigued by the idea of teaching skiing… Harry said, “Pa tensed again,” before implying that his father would not approve: “Out of the question. Alright. Long silence. Charles is said to have said, “No, darling boy,” in response to the question, “How about… safari guide?”

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