Meghan Markle comforts Prince Archie in cute momentCredit: Netflix

The moment Meghan Markle sweetly comforts Prince Archie during car journey

Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, the two royal kids who are the subjects of the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, are the devoted children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex was briefly seen comforting her son Archie Harrison by holding his hand during a car ride in a moment captured on camera.

The toddler was seen sitting in his car seat with his mother gently massaging his hand while dressed in a black puffer jacket, dark striped leggings, and navy socks.


Meghan Markle comforts Prince Archie in cute moment
Credit: Netflix


However, in another episode of the series, Archie turned down his mother’s hand in favour of running up a hill by himself.

The young child, who was sporting a blue tracksuit, was seen running up a hill with enthusiasm. When his mother Meghan was seen reaching out to hold his hand, the youngster didn’t even need it and kept going up the hill.

The Duchess can be heard laughing at her son in the video and enquiring, “Archie, are you having fun?” and he most definitely appears to be!

Archie’s younger sister did receive some attention as well, with touching clips of her taking her first steps in the garden, relaxing on their plush couch, and riding on her father’s shoulders while on a family outing.


Meghan’s niece looked after Lilibet in sweet moment

Where will the Sussexes be for summer?

While the rest of the royal family will be unwinding at Balmoral Castle over the summer, Harry and his family have not yet revealed their plans, but they have a wide range of options right in Montecito.

The family has access to a variety of family-friendly activities close by, such as Butterfly Beach, which is great for swimming and surfing, and Santa Barbara Zoo, which has over 500 animals to see.

The Sussex family may also prefer to stay on the grounds of their own estate given that there is a sizable playpark nearby. Moreover, there is the spacious, furnished family pool outside.

Due to the fact that term times in the US and the UK differ, Archie may even have started going back to school by this point. If so, Harry and Meghan may be settling back into the hectic morning routine of getting their 4-year-old ready.


The couple have a beautiful home in Montecito


The Duchess previously described what mornings are like in their home while speaking on her Archetypes podcast.

Therefore, she predicted that as they age, the morning rush would become even more chaotic. In contrast, she explained, “for me, it’s, you know, both monitors on for the kids to hear them, always up with Lili, get her downstairs, then a half-hour later Archie’s up.”


The family have an impressive pool in their yard
Photo: Giggster


“I start doing his lunchbox, right before he’s up, giving her a little nibble,” the royal continued. I’m assisting my husband in getting downstairs. I love making breakfast for all three of them. For me, it’s very significant. It simply seems to me to be the best way to start the day.

Because we recently acquired a new dog, I like to feed all three of the dogs before getting Archie ready for school. However, it can feel like a whirlwind.

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