The Duke of Sussex shares a close bond with his lifelong friend

Prince Harry fans all say the same thing about special relationship

Royal watchers were enchanted by Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras’ friendship as they traveled to Singapore this past weekend to participate in a charity polo match.

Fans of the Duke of Sussex were quick to notice how happy Prince Harry looks spending time with Nacho, with whom he has been friends for many years, while sports fans were fixated on the polo field where the match ended in a 7-7 tie.

One admirer wrote on a picture of the pair, “Love their close friendship all these years,” and another added, “Prince Harry’s big brother from another mother. I adore seeing the affection between your families.


Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras share a close bond
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A third also praised their strong bond, saying: “I am living for this brotherhood!” A fourth praised Prince Harry, saying: “He looks so calm and in the zone. I’m glad for him.

Nacho spoke to HELLO! during the polo match about his love for Harry and their rivalry on the polo field, saying: We’ve been playing together for a while, and now we get to play against each other, which is always entertaining. He wanted to bring up a football game we played in which we already engaged in lighthearted banter because he defeated me. But question him regarding our most recent tennis match.

Nacho continued, “He’s not just a great friend; he cares; he’s very aware; he’s human, and that’s inspiring to see how someone has devoted his life to giving back; it’s a very inspiring thing, and it’s an honor for me to surround myself with someone like that.” Nacho said of Harry’s commitment to charitable causes.

Prior to their match, Harry and Nacho went shopping for their wives, Meghan Markle and Delfina Blacquier, while posing in sunglasses.


Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras smiling on the blue carpet in Singapore
Photo: Roslan Rahman


Nacho captioned the picture, “Shopping for our wives,” and fans were ecstatic about their love for their spouses. Your husbands are good. Whatever you get Delfina and Meghan will make them happy, someone else wrote, while another added: “I cannot express to you how happy this makes me. Just two regular guys doing their wives’ shopping.

Harry and Nacho were clearly always thinking about Meghan and Delfina because Nacho told HELLO! that they were missing their partners.

The polo player said, “We miss our wives very much. We miss them and wish they were here, but this was a very brief trip, even though it was only a few days and involved 24 hours in Japan.


Harry and Nacho visited Tokyo and Singapore
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Delfina and Meghan are also very close, as evidenced by Nacho’s wife’s lengthy Instagram caption in which she describes her friendship with the Duchess of Sussex.

“I can’t wait to see you soon so we can share more chill time, adventures, and hikes. It was such a blessing to have time together over these two months. I wish everyone was familiar with who you are.

The foursome undoubtedly anticipates spending more time together soon!

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