The Lionesses took on Nigeria in the World Cup

Prince William and Princess Kate react to Lioness’ dramatic match

The Prince of Wales took to his and Princess Catherine’s joint Instagram account on Monday to share his thoughts on the team’s game against Nigeria. Prince William is an avid football fan and frequently supports the Lionesses.

The Prince and Princess of Wales commented on the Lioness’ victory post by saying, “Well done @lionesses. Although it was a battle, the quarterfinals are now up. Good fortune.”


Prince William and Princess Kate posted their support on Instagram
Photo: Instagram


Even though they are on vacation for the summer, William has been following the World Cup, frequently posting on social media how happy he is with how the team, with whom he has a close relationship, is doing.

The future king was probably on the edge of his seat during Tuesday’s game, which featured penalties and a red card before the team advanced to the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals.

Following the Lioness’ match against China last Tuesday, the royals expressed their support by writing: “Into the knockouts we go. The effort is ongoing.”

Prince William, an ardent football supporter of Aston Villa, has been president of the Football Association since 2006 and has since been a strong proponent for promoting and supporting women’s football.


Prince William is an avid supported of the Lionesses
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He has frequently visited the team during practice, and last year, when he met the team after their Euros victory, he surprised royal observers with his unexpected behavior.

Following the Lionesses’ victory, the Prince was asked to assist in presenting the trophy to the winning team. In an un-royal gesture, he hugged every member of the team.

Twitter users were delighted by William’s warm greeting, and many of them praised him for what he did there.

Prince William hugging the athletes was “making me cry so hard!” One person wrote, “Prince William was fantastic with every single player,” and another said the same thing. He gave them hugs and held their hands. He is a real football fan and a gentleman.


Prince William hugged Chloe Kelly
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William enjoys playing football as well as watching it, but while talking to former England striker Luther Blissett as he received an OBE, he admitted that he isn’t as fit as he should be.

When Prince William spoke with the former football player, he revealed that the week after playing football, “he couldn’t walk for a week.”

The 65-year-old ex-Watford player revealed: “We only exchanged a few brief words. He responded positively when I asked him if he would like to come and join us in the (Watford former players) club.


Prince William loves football
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“He claimed that after playing (football) the previous week, he was unable to walk for a week. He claims to continue playing 11-a-side.

We’re hoping for the Lionesses to advance to the quarterfinals, and we can assume Prince William is doing the same.

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