The Duke of Sussex has made a surprising comment about the degree that Princess Kate chose at St Andrews University

Prince Harry’s very unexpected comment on Princess Kate’s degree choice

Although Prince Harry, 38, decided against going to college like his brother Prince William, he did consider it at one point.

Harry mentioned in his book Spare that his father, King Charles, did not pressure him to pursue that path. He also made an unexpected remark about the degree Princess Catherine chose.


The royal graduated with a 2:1 degree
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In one of the very private chapters, it was written: “That’s why he didn’t pressure me to attend college. He was aware that it wasn’t a part of my genetic makeup. Not that I opposed higher education per se. The University of Bristol did appear to be intriguing. I read all of its literature and even gave taking an art history course some thought. (That subject attracted a lot of attractive girls.)

But I just couldn’t see myself hunched over a book for years. My housemaster at Eton was also unable. Harry, you’re not the university type, he had told me outright. Pa then voiced his agreement. He gently remarked that it was no secret that I wasn’t the “family scholar.”

The sister-in-law of Harry, Catherine earned a 2:1 in art history while attending St. Andrews University.

In fact, Prince William enrolled in the same course at first but quickly changed to Geography, earning a 2:1.


William studied Geography at uni


Harry has acknowledged that he has no regrets about choosing the army over higher education. He wrote, “I never once regretted my decision to forgo attending university,” in another section of his book. Additionally, he mentioned that false rumors about him having second thoughts about his decision had been spread by the press.

What will the future hold for Harry and Meghan’s kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet? Meghan Markle has a bachelor’s degree in theatre and international studies from Northwestern University School of Communication.

Richard Mineards provided us with a unique perspective on the kind of education the children might receive close to their Montecito home while speaking on HELLO’s A Right Royal Podcast.


The Duke chose the army instead of more education
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So if Archie decides to pursue a state education, the junior school he attends after this preschool will be his next stop, according to Richard. Our local junior high school, Montecito Union School, is extremely good and is attended by many Tony names, famous and wealthy people’s children.

“Then, as I mentioned, he could attend Cold Springs, or they might declare that they want to pursue a private education.”

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