The Prince and Princess of Wales make the perfect couple, due to a specific shared personality trait

Prince William and Princess Kate’s quirky trait proves they’re a match made in heaven

On joint public appearances, Prince William and Princess Catherine always seem to be having a blast, but never more so than when they’re participating in a competitive activity.

The Prince and Princess of Wales never appear happier than when they are participating in a friendly competition, whether they are spinning, sailing, or running.


The Prince and Princess of Wales are good sports when it comes to competition
Photo: Charlie Crowhurst


Their rivalry may actually be essential to their relationship’s success, as Luxe Psychology Practice founder and psychotherapist Jade Thomas explains: “Competition may bring a fair amount of excitement, motivation, and drive to your relationship.

Jade continues, “Two people with a competitive streak could be considered compatible because they share similar values and will both be equally motivated.”


Princess Kate tried her hand at archery – to William’s amusement
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Dana Moinian, a psychotherapist with The Soke, concurs and adds that being competitive with one another can motivate both partners in a relationship. When two people in a relationship share the same competitive mindset, it can help them advance because competitive people typically like to raise the bar on benchmarks.

Dana and Jade agree that it’s important to keep competition in check in order to prevent it from having negative effects. “It’s important to be aware of what the competition is about in the relationship,” advises Jade.


Princess Kate jokingly puts her head in her hands after losing a sailing regatta
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For instance, if both parties are constantly trying to outperform one another, it might be bad for the relationship because it might lead to conflict and low self-esteem.

The rivalry between Prince William and Catherine is without a doubt evenly matched.

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