Serena Williams just threw the most amazing gender reveal party combined with a baby shower – did the Duchess of Sussex attend?

Did Meghan Markle attend Serena Williams’ lavish baby shower?

Many people will be curious as to whether Meghan Markle attended Serena Williams’ baby shower over the weekend because the tennis pro and Meghan Markle have been close friends since they first met in 2010.

Serena teased her 16.8 million Instagram followers with an amazing video before releasing the entire video for the day on her YouTube channel.

The royal friend was not visible when the party guests were mingling, but given her status, she could have asked to be left out of any footage that was shown to the public.


The couple had an impressive cake


When the Duchess was expecting Archie, Serena was in charge of some of the planning for Meghan’s baby shower, which was held at the Mark hotel in Manhattan. Planning something like that requires a lot of work, Serena said in an interview with Business of Fashion. Let’s make it perfect, I say because I’m a perfectionist.

How did Serena’s baby shower turn out?

Serena decided to host her own baby shower at a venue with a balloon-filled marquee that was conveniently located next to a tennis court and a kids’ water park.

Around the perimeter, food carts were lined up, and waiters were present to serve drinks. It was time for the big reveal as night fell—everyone had been waiting for it!


Alexis and his daughter Olympia
Photo: Getty Images


The guests looked to the sky for a show-stopping drone reveal, which showcased that they are having a baby girl, after Serena cut a cake filled with yellow sponge as a joke.

Olympia, Serena’s adorable daughter, could be heard yelling, “I’m so happy,” as soon as the news was announced. Serena acknowledged that she was hoping for a girl child.

Serena’s husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis, shared his perspective on the baby in May when he made an appearance on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace on CNN. He expressed his feeling that he would once again become a girl dad.

I’m convinced I’m going to be a girl dad, he joked to Chris, so even if we have, say, 50 more children, they’ll all be girls.


The star is happy to be having another girl


Fans shared their enthusiasm for the news in the video’s comments section. She is modeling little Venus and Serena. For her, I love it. Their influence endures. One wrote: “Congratulations to the entire family! That was so sweet!!! Olympia, you’re going to have a sister, congrats!” yelled a third.

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