Meghan and Harry blame Covid, economic woes, the death of the Queen and the failing of Prince Philip's health for their faltering attempts to launch post-royal careers'

Meghan and Harry ‘believe they have been “repeatedly unlucky” and blame Covid

According to sources, Meghan and Harry believe they have been “repeatedly unlucky” and blame Covid, the recession, the passing of the Queen, and Price Philip’s deteriorating health for their failed attempts to begin post-royal careers.

After being humiliatingly dumped by Spotify last month, the Duke and Duchess only have one significant deal left since Megxit: the $100 million contract they signed with streaming juggernaut Netflix.


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Additionally, it has been reported that Netflix will not extend its agreement with the Sussexes after it expires in 2025.

The couple, however, is reported to be convinced that their apparent failure has nothing to do with them and that other world events have simply been’repeatedly unlucky’ for them.

The Covid pandemic, which followed their Megxit announcement in January 2020, had a significant negative impact on their plans to establish themselves as world do-gooders, free to earn money once they had relieved themselves of royal duties.

Their agreement with Spotify and Netflix both took place at the same time as a significant and painful “correction” in the economics of streaming.

According to reports, neither company is able to spend as much money as was anticipated when those agreements were made.

Additional instances of “bad timing” include the release of Meghan’s podcast, the publicity for which is said to have been hampered by the Queen’s passing in September.



The couple reportedly felt that the Duke of Edinburgh’s deteriorating health, who passed away shortly after the couple, overshadowed their explosive Oprah interview.

‘The word is that they think they’ve been really unlucky,’ a source in Los Angeles said.

This news comes amid rumors that Harry’s next big plan is to film a new Netflix documentary by himself about his love of the continent, its people, and its wildlife. Harry is said to be planning to visit his “second home” of Africa without Meghan.

The Duke is alleged to have ‘puzzled’ Spotify executives with some of his podcast ideas, including claims he pitched to interview Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, and Vladimir Putin about ‘childhood trauma’.

A Netflix insider confirmed to Page Six that the father of two’s suggestion for a Harry’s Africa-style show was one of the more well-received ones.


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Harry undoubtedly has deep roots in Africa, where he feels at home, according to a different source. He has referred to Africa as his “second home” in the past.

The only documentary produced by the Duke and Duchess for the streaming platform so far is Meghan & Harry, which came out a year ago.

Harry had a solo role in the mental health-themed Apple TV series The Me You Can’t See before the docuseries.

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