The royals are due to head on their summer holidays…

Prince William’s new role amid family summer holiday revealed

Just days before leaving for his yearly family vacation, Prince William made the exciting announcement that he is taking on a new role.

The Prince of Wales announced on Tuesday that he will be working with The Fleming Centre as their royal patron to help combat antimicrobial resistance. He shared the news with royal watchers on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Twitter account.


Photo: The Prince and Princess of Wales via Twitter


William wrote: “Antimicrobial resistance leads to the deaths of over a million people each year. The Fleming Centre will spearhead an international effort to combat it. I’m honoured to join the Patrons of the campaign to establish this important centre, which will inform, motivate, and spur action to address this issue.

Messages for the Prince from fans were eagerly anticipated. Someone wrote, “Thank you for taking on this and bringing attention to this important centre.” “Wow such an amazing centre!” said a second. The appeal will definitely be a huge success, and I appreciate our Prince of Wales supporting such a worthy cause.

A third wrote: “This is enormous. The support of Prince William will raise awareness of this grave problem that could affect any one of us. Thank you, sir.”

What is antimicrobial resistance?


The announcement came ahead of William and Kate’s annual family holiday
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Antimicrobial resistance, in accordance with the World Health Organisation, “occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites change over time and no longer respond to medicines making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease spread, severe illness, and death.”

Drug resistance makes it harder or impossible to treat infections and renders antibiotics and other antimicrobial medications ineffective.


Prince William first went there with his brother and parents
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Just days before he and his wife, Princess Catherine, are anticipated to leave on a summer vacation with their three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, the important new position has just been given to him. Every August, the family takes a summer vacation, though it hasn’t been made public where they go.

The Wales family has travelled by private jet in the past, visiting places like the Isle of Sicily and their country estate, Amer Hall in Norfolk. The couple frequently visits the island of Tresco, which is officially owned by King Charles and Queen Camilla and offers pristine beaches and opulent scenery.


Tresco is very secluded
Photo: Getty Images


The royal family frequently travels by £600 round-trip helicopter to stay at Dolphin House, a paradise-like island retreat halfway between the Tresco Island Spa and Tresco Abbey Garden.

The lavish views of Round Island Lighthouse and the venue’s setting in a sizable private walled garden make Dolphin House the ideal retreat for the royals.

The vacation spot is a firm favourite because Prince William and his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, first visited the sunny island in 1989.

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