The Wales children's nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo allegedly won't use this specific word

The one word Princess Kate has ‘forbidden’ around Prince George, Charlotte and Louis

In addition to being active parents to their three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, the Prince and Princess of Wales also have a Norland nanny on staff.

In 2014, Prince William and Princess Catherine hired Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, a dependable babysitter, from Bath’s esteemed Norland College. She joined the family when Prince George was about eight months old, and she has remained with them ever since.


The Waleses’ nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo


But did you know that Norland nannies must adhere to very strict rules regarding the language they can use in front of the kids they watch over? Find out what word is allegedly forbidden at the Waleses’ residence Adelaide Cottage in the following paragraphs; no, it’s not a swear word!

An interview with author Louise Heren, who wrote Nanny in a Book, revealed how Norland nannies care for their charges – and the language they are taught to avoid with children. Norland College is renowned for its exceptional childcare courses.

According to Louise, who spent a year at the college conducting documentary research, there is one word that nannies are instructed never to utter while on the job with children. The word is simply ‘kids’.


Nanny Maria with a young Prince George
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It comes as quite a shock to learn that such a commonplace word is forbidden, but Louise outlined the justification for the restriction. The term “kid” is forbidden, Louise declared. It’s an expression of respect for the kids as unique people.

Since this is a firm college policy, it is very likely that Princess Catherine’s nanny Maria will follow it with the royal kids as well.

In comparison to calling “George, Charlotte, and Louis, dinner is ready,” calling “Kids, dinner is ready” is much quicker. We appreciate the attention paid to each child, though.

We’re imagining a rather tranquil Mary Poppins-type environment because the newspaper also claimed that shouting is apparently forbidden in the Cambridge home.


Maria has been with the family for eight years


When HELLO! asked an insider about Maria at the time, the source said that Maria had “worked for other high-profile families and it was from there that the Cambridges heard of her and hired her.” Please Catherine, can we borrow nanny Maria for a little while?

Who is Princess Catherine’s nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo?

Maria is a graduate of Bath’s esteemed Norland College, which was established in 1892 by educational trailblazer Emily Ward. It has an unrivaled reputation for producing exceptional nannies who are employed by both royalty and celebrities.


Nanny Maria smiling with The Queen
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The College offers a rigorous academic degree and a skills-based diploma program, earning it a reputation as being at the forefront of early years education and training. Norland’s values, which include the maxims “Love Never Faileth” and “Fortis In Arduis” (Strength in Adversity), put children at the center of all decisions.

Maria is dressed in the customary Norland Nanny attire, which consists of a brown dress, hat, and white gloves.

Little is known about Maria’s background or personal life, despite her high-profile role. The new family nanny was hired, and Kensington Palace issued a statement asking for privacy.

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