The Duke of Sussex has revealed his home has a special area for daughter Princess Lilibet

Prince Harry’s sweet dedication to daughter Lilibet inside home with Meghan Markle

While the Duke has chosen a life away from the spotlight, he has provided some insights into his wholesome US life. Prince Harry, 38, lives in Montecito with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

In his autobiography Spare, he described how a hummingbird broke into their home and how this led to the discovery of a unique feature within their personal sanctuary.


Lilibet has a special play area at home
Photo: Misan Harriman


In his letter, he wrote: “This hummingbird arrived, swooped around our kitchen, and flitted through the sacred airspace we call Lili Land, where we’ve set up the baby’s playpen with all her toys and stuffed animals.”

Although his son Archie probably has more toys stashed away in his own room, the play area sounds ideal for his daughter Lilibet, who is now two.

When Meghan posted a selfie with her adorable daughter, Lilibet, viewers of the couple’s Netflix docuseries were able to peek inside her magical nursery.


Harry’s book had many revelations
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A black-and-white image of Meghan and her daughter appeared on the screen in the second episode of their series, appearing to have been taken soon after the child was born in June 2021.

The room has a Moses basket cot, wicker storage baskets, beamed ceilings, and a real orchid on an antique dresser.

There is a lovely leaf pattern on the walls, and the door has a cute squirrel sticker on it. This new pet might be a tribute to the garden’s wildlife, as Prince Harry has previously stated that his dogs enjoy chasing squirrels.


Lilibet’s nursery is stunning
Photo: Netflix


There was a ton of family footage from Harry and Meghan spending time with their children at home in the popular series. In one video, the Duke pushes his infant daughter Lilibet around in a stroller. In another, the family plays football with Meghan Ragland’s mother.

The Sussexes will be starting the summer break with a ton of family-friendly plans, just like many other families around the world. There are so many tourist attractions right outside Harry and Meghan’s door in Montecito that they don’t even need to travel.


Prince Harry reads to Archie and Lilibet in cute family moment
Photo: Netflix


24 nearby activities are listed on the website Tripp Buzz, and we’re positive the kids will adore them.

The top location on the list is Butterfly Beach, which is recommended for swimming and surfing as well as watching the sunrise and sunset. Archie can be seen spending time at the beach with Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie in adorable videos. The three dogs that belong to the couple would love it too because they have so much energy.


The beach is perfect for sunset
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Other choices include Santa Barbara Zoo, which has a staggering 500 animals, and Lotusland, a stunning botanical garden.

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