Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been surrounded by false rumours that their marriage is in trouble, with speculation starting after Harry released his debut memoir Spare

Harry and Meghan’s ‘split at crucial moment’ sparked separation rumours they can’t shake

Following the publication of Prince Harry’s first memoir, Spare, speculation about the couple’s separation has put Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the spotlight.

The Duke of Sussex made a number of accusations against the Royal Family in his book, and it’s believed that his wife was worried about the book’s content.


Prince Harry promoted his memoir alone
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Harry claimed in the shocking book that his brother Prince William had physically assaulted him, leaving him terrified. He also claimed that King Charles, their father, prioritized his own interests over those of his son.

Harry added that Queen Camilla “sacrificed me on her personal PR altar” according to his claims.

The 38-year-old conducted a number of prominent interviews to promote Spare, but his wife wasn’t present.

And it is now believed that this was the turning point when the unfounded rumors of trouble in their marriage began.

Is this how she would have handled things? a source asked. Perhaps not. She, however, will always support him and would never have participated in the promotion of such a private project.


Meghan Markle is said to have voiced her concerns about her husband’s project
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They further stated in a statement to the Telegraph that “this was about his own life, his journey, and his own perspective.”

In light of reports that Meghan and Harry are starting their own careers, marriage rumors have also intensified.

Meghan is reportedly staying behind to work on her own projects while Harry travels to Africa to film a Netflix documentary.

When Meghan chose not to accompany her husband to King Charles’ Coronation in May, the split rumors gained momentum.

Additionally, there have been rumors that the couple is under “stress” due to financial pressures as a result of the breakdown of their $20 million (£15 million) Spotify deal.



In the past, it had been asserted that Meghan frequently partied with her friends in Los Angeles while her husband preferred to hang out at home and pursue his own interests. Also stated to be “taking time apart” was Meghan and Harry.

A friend of Harry and Meghan, however, has refuted the rumors. They told Page Six, “It’s not true, it’s completely made up.”

Harry and Meghan’s representatives have been contacted by The Mirror for comment.

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