The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex may live over 5,000 miles apart but the way they are raising their kids is so similar

Prince Harry and Prince William’s agreement on bringing up kids Archie, Lilibet, George, Charlotte and Louis within royal family

In order to live a life that was very different from the one they had in the UK, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle left their positions as senior members of the royal family and moved to the United States. The Duke of Sussex’s autobiography Spare, in which he revealed many family secrets, including the rumored physical altercations between himself and his brother, may have contributed to the many differences of opinion between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.


The Wales family live on the Windsor Great Park estate


The way in which the two are raising their children, however, is one area where they agree. Princess Diana’s insistence that her royal sons be brought up to lead as normal a life as possible benefited both of their brothers, and William and Harry are on the same page when it comes to carrying on her legacy with their own children.

The main similarities between the upbringing of Harry and Meghan’s two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, and William and Catherine’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are as follows:


William, Kate, George and Charlotte enjoyed a skiing holiday in the French Alps in 2016
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A ‘normal’ life away from the media

In order to escape London’s “goldfish bowl,” Prince William and Princess Catherine reportedly moved to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor last summer. They can now let their kids roam a little more freely than they could when they lived in Apartment 1A inside Kensington Palace in the city.


Archie feeds the family’s chickens


Since they were dissatisfied with how the British press treated them while they lived in the UK, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made no secret of the fact that they moved to the US in order to live a more private life away from the spotlight.

A rural upbringing

Because William and Harry spent so many of their formative years participating in outdoor activities at Balmoral Castle, it’s possible that both families have a strong affinity for nature and the outdoors. The Wales family frequently engages their kids in activities like biking, sailing, hiking, and skiing.


Prince William and Kate dedicate time to raising their kids
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The Sussexes’ estate in Montecito is also ideally situated for them to engage in a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hilltop hiking. Other outdoor activities featured in their Netflix documentary included playing football, feeding chickens, and touring their seemingly endless gardens.

Quality time with their kids

Although William and Catherine have demanding work schedules as working royals, they make every effort to coordinate their official engagement schedule with school drop-off and pick-up times.

Emily Nash, a royal reporter for HELLO, explains that William and Catherine try to schedule their engagements so that they can drop their kids off at school and put them to bed while on tour.


Harry and Meghan are hands-on parents
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Harry and Meghan prioritize spending quality time with their children in a similar way. The Duchess demonstrated her commitment to raising her children when she wrote an open letter to members of the US Congress in support of a comprehensive paid leave program for new parents.

The actress from Suits stated: “My husband and I had our second child in June. Like any good parent, we were ecstatic. Like a lot of parents, we felt overburdened. We weren’t faced with the harsh choice of staying at home with our baby during those crucial first few months or returning to work, unlike fewer parents.”


Prince Louis and his siblings are being taught great manners
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“We were confident that we could take her into our home and give our children and our family our complete attention during that crucial (and sacred) stage. We were confident that by doing this, we would avoid the difficult decisions that so many people face every day regarding childcare, employment, and medical care.”

A focus on manners

The royal cousins will undoubtedly receive the best upbringing possible in terms of manners. Prince William’s youngest son, Prince Louis, was recently observed being directed by his father to shake hands with employees while visiting the Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford.


Meghan has revealed they are teaching Archie good manners
Photo: Netflix


According to Meghan Markle’s interview with The Cut, their parenting strategy included a strong emphasis on good manners.

When Meghan reminded Archie of the manners that make a man, Allison, who had also joined the family on the school run, wrote: “If he [Archie] forgets to say please or thank you, Meghan reminds him of the manners that make the man.”


Carole and Michael Middleton are involved in their grandchildren’s lives

Sweet family time with grandparents

Both the children from Wales and the children from Sussex are fortunate to have their grandparents close by to assist. In close proximity to William and Catherine in the county of Berkshire, Carole and Michael Middleton are actively involved in the upbringing of the young royals. The three kids supposedly spend time with King Charles and step-grandmother Queen Camilla as well.


Meghan’s mother Doria loves spending time with Archie and Lilibet
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In the Netflix series, we saw Doria Ragland participate in lots of family fun, which demonstrated how important she is to her grandchildren’s lives. But Archie and Lilibet don’t get to see their grandparents in the UK very often because of where they live.

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