The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be celebrating behind closed doors

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive celebratory news

Harry & Meghan, the Netflix docuseries starring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, has been nominated for an award. This is good news after Meghan Markle’s $20 million Spotify podcast deal ended earlier this year.

Their deeply personal documentary was among the nominees for Best Streaming Nonfiction Series at the Hollywood Critics Awards when the news first surfaced on Twitter.


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The post stated: “Harry & Meghan, Prehistoric Planet 2, Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss, Rennervations, The 1619 Project, and The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy are the 2023 HCA TV Awards nominees for Best Streaming Nonfiction Series.”

One fan who praised the program in the comments section said: “The Harry & Meghan series should win this category. Definitely merited! One person said, “Congratulations to the team for a job well done, and congratulations to all nominees. Harry and Meghan have my support.

With 2.4 million viewers on the day of its release, the documentary was a huge success for Netflix. It’s interesting that it did better than The Crown, which had a premiere day audience of only 1.1 million.

What did the docuseries about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle teach us?
The six-part documentary shared the couple’s love story and the difficulties that ultimately led them to decide to step down as senior royals, along with many shocking revelations.


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The Duchess of Sussex asserted that her Toronto neighbors were paid by the press to set up a camera in her backyard when discussing the extent of media coverage surrounding their developing relationship. “They had given some of my neighbors money to install a livestream camera in my backyard. I felt as though my life was becoming more and more isolated all of a sudden. The blinds and all of the curtains were drawn. It was frightful, she said.

Doria, Meghan’s mother, talked about the Duchess’ suicidal thoughts in a heartbreaking way. It “really broke my heart” when she told me she wanted to commit suicide, she recalled. The thought that she might actually consider leaving this place is not an easy one for a mother to hear, even though I knew it was bad. “Because I knew that it was bad, but to just constantly picked at by these vultures, just picking away at her spirit, that she would actually think of not wanting to be here, that’s not an easy one for a mom to hear.”


More happy memories of the couple’s journey were shared, such as their enchanted wedding day, which featured an all-star guest list, Elton John singing, and fireworks over Windsor.

The couple also decided to include video of their happy family life in Montecito, including their two kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Cute videos of Lilibet crawling through the grass, Prince Harry riding a bike with Archie on the back, and the two of them spending storytime with their father were shown.

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