The Duke of Sussex is a proud dad to his two children with wife Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s sweet doting dad moment with Prince Archie he recreated with Princess Lilibet

Prince Harry, 38, and his wife Meghan Markle are parents to two kids: Princess Lilibet, 2, and Prince Archie, 4. The adorable snippets in the Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary serve as proof that the Duke of Sussex takes great pride in being a devoted father.

When Harry was younger, people saw him carrying his son Archie on his shoulders. A few years later, in a fleeting moment, he did the same with his daughter.


The father-daughter duo had a cute moment caught on camera
Photo: Netflix

Archie appeared in the original photograph sporting a bright blue sun hat, white T-shirt, cream linen pants, and a pair of Crocs in the same color. The two looked to be in the large Montecito home of Harry and Meghan’s garden.

During a trip to the stables, Lilibet was seen on her father’s shoulders at another time when she appeared to be about the same age. The young child was pictured wearing a yellow long-sleeved T-shirt and a floral sun hat.

One of the candid family moments featured in the couple’s docuseries was Harry playing ball with his son outside in their large garden. As he chased his father across a gravelly area in search of the white ball they were playing with, the toddler was heard squealing with joy.

When the Prince and his son were playing, he kicked off his slippers and gave his son a tender hug.


The family have an impressive garden
Photo: Netflix


Their garden is a children’s paradise because it has a magnificent swimming pool and an outdoor play area in addition to plenty of room for them to run around and play.

The Prince was observed reading to his young children on the sofa in their stunning living room when he was more at ease.

The Duchess spoke to The Cut about the value of teaching her children manners at home, despite the Sussexes rarely giving interviews about their kids. Archie is currently being taught by the couple the value of manners. “We always tell him: Manners make the man,” she continued. The importance of manners cannot be overstated.

In his memoir Spare, Harry tenderly related the tale of Lilibet’s birth, stating: “When the doctor said it would be a matter of minutes, I told Meg that I wanted mine to be the first face our little girl saw.”


Lilibet as a newborn baby


“I reached under the tiny back and neck with my hands. I drew our precious daughter from that world into this one gently but firmly, as I had seen in movies. I held her for a brief moment while trying to smile at her and see her, but I couldn’t see anything. Hello, I wanted to say. I wanted to ask: From where are you? I wanted to ask: Is that place better? Is it tranquil? Do you feel afraid? All will be well, so don’t be, don’t be. I’ll protect you.

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