The Duke of Sussex surprisingly didn't attend his close pal Jack Mann's wedding

Prince Harry misses close friend’s big day after he was usher for royal

When Prince Harry, 38, married actress Meghan Markle, he had a group of close friends serve as his ushers. However, Prince Harry did not return the favor by attending his friend Jack Mann’s wedding this past weekend.

The Duke and his wife were not present when Jack married his partner Isabella Clark at St. Peter’s church in Stutton, Suffolk. They were later captured in an American photo, demonstrating that they had not traveled to the UK for the big event.

It is unknown if the Sussexes received an invitation to the wedding, which was attended by Thomas van Straubenzee, Prince Harry’s friend and Princess Charlotte’s godfather.


Jack Mann (pictured second from right) was one of Harry’s ushers                                                                              Photo: Netflix


As the newlyweds were seen leaving the church, beaming as they waved to the cameras, the bride was seen wearing an A-line dress with a lace bodice and holding a bouquet of pink flowers in her hands.

Jack will be remembered by royal fans as the man in Harry and Meghan’s black-and-white wedding photograph. The picture depicted the royal outside in the Frogmore House grounds with his dream team of fellow lads, all dressed smartly in suits.

Their acclaimed documentary featured numerous previously unseen perspectives of their breathtaking royal nuptials.

The Duke raised a glass at a reception at Windsor Castle with his new wife watching, and it appeared that he was moved to tears.

Another picture showed the Duke cheekily pointing at someone in the crowd as Harry and Meghan stood on a balcony and looked down at their guests.


The newlyweds shared wedding clips with Netflix
Photo: Netflix


The delighted couple was also captured dancing and jiving on the expansive property’s dance floor while taking in the fireworks over the lake.

Did you notice this slightly awkward moment with the entire family five years after the famous wedding day?

As you may remember, Bishop Michael Curry delivered a sermon that lasted a full 14 minutes. A hilarious video posted by fan account @fifi_loves_the_waleses depicts the expressions on everyone’s faces as the sermon went longer than expected.

Prince Charles at the time chose to look down during the conversation, but Prince William couldn’t help but smile. Zara Tindall was left with an open mouth during the incident as Princess Kate managed to keep it together with a pursed smile.


Harry and Meghan watched fireworks at their wedding reception
Photo: Netflix


“The pastor planned to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They all have thick eyelids. Charles couldn’t hold on, a fan said of the unscripted video. One more person said, “It’s Zara Tindall’s face that gets me.” A third jokingly said, “I’m surprised Prince Philip didn’t cut it short,” since he was renowned for his direct manner.

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