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Princess Kate reveals her ‘dream’ for the future in candid conversation with Roman Kemp

The Princess of Wales discussed her future aspirations after announcing her latest early childhood initiative on Tuesday.

Catherine was questioned in-depth about her Shaping Us campaign and her goals in a recent interview with Capital Breakfast host Roman Kemp that was filmed in Hertfordshire.

The Princess made this point clear: “This goes beyond just child rearing. It is about creating a happier, healthier, and more nurturing world for all of us to live in, as well as shaping our futures and the adults we become.”


Roman is one of the champions supporting the Shaping Us campaign
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“That sounds nice, doesn’t it?” Roman answered.

“Absolutely, yes. That is the goal, ” – Catherine concurred.

In the Friday-released short film, Catherine and Roman discussed the value of relationships, mental health, and how society can raise a generation of healthy, content adults by fostering children in their formative years.

Kemp, the son of Spandau Ballet performer Martin Kemp, has previously been open about his struggles with mental illness following the passing of close friend and producer for Capital FM Joe Lyons.

In 2021, after battling depression for more than a decade, he revealed he had considered suicide while presenting a BBC Three documentary on the mental health crisis affecting young men.

During a reception on Monday, Catherine gave an overview of her campaign, which has been promoted this week by a number of events and videos. She described it as a long-term project that starts with how a child develops and the significance of the formative years.


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The importance of a child’s social and emotional world, as well as the importance of connections and “surroundings and experiences,” will be further explored, according to her, who also promised that it will do so in greater detail.

The Princess continued, “Of course, by understanding our own childhoods — what has shaped our own beliefs, relationships, behaviors, and feelings — we, as adults, are better positioned to play our part in positively influencing future generations.

Following a heartwarming chat with young students from St. John’s CE School in which she discussed Layla’s Story from her Shaping Us campaign, Catherine had a conversation with Roman.

The children are won over by the mom-of-three, who is a natural when it comes to interacting with kids, as she inquires about their teddy bears, including one named Barnaby, before admitting she wishes she had brought her own teddy along.


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The Princess attended events at Kirkgate Market and the University of Leeds on the day of the launch on Tuesday, where she spoke with students enrolled in the Childhood Studies program.

To coincide with the beginning of the campaign, the Princess also opened a brand-new Instagram account.

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