The Prince of Wales had worries for his brother

Prince William voices concerns for Prince Harry’s privacy in unearthed clip at home

Privacy concerns were one of the reasons Prince Harry and his family left the UK. Prince William, Harry’s brother, has commented on Harry’s privacy in a video that was recently uncovered, but he hasn’t addressed the revelations in his memoir Spare.

Prior to Prince William’s gap year, a small press conference was held in the garden of his father’s country estate, Highgrove House, in 2000.


The brothers have grown up in the public eye


William thanked the media for how they treated him while he was a student at Eton College and went on to explain how he raised the money for the trip and how he’ll stay in touch with the royal family while he’s away.

“You have all abandoned me. Everyone not trying to take pictures of me as I was walking through the streets made a significant difference, “said he.

The young Prince said, “I hope it continues for Harry when he’s there.”


The Sussexes have hedges around their home in Windsor


Why Prince Harry left his home in Oxfordshire


They even had to leave their home in the UK due to privacy concerns, according to the Duke’s memoir.

Harry explains that after the press learned of the couple’s whereabouts, they were regrettably forced to leave the house. He states in the text: “With a photographer hanging out the door and telephoto lenses pointed at each window, including our bedroom, a helicopter was hovering above the property. The Oxfordshire dream was thus put to rest.”

Harry acknowledged they “loved it out there” because of the “fresh air” and “verdant grounds” prior to the privacy concerns being voiced.


Prince William is yet to comment on the memoir
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When they lived in Frogmore Cottage, the couple increased the size of the hedge there to help block the windows. It was a simple but effective move to make it harder for residents of the estate to see inside. In order to prevent guests from peeping into their private London garden, Prince William and his wife Princess Kate have privacy films on the windows at Kensington Palace.

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