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Prince Harry’s mystery older woman identified by actor Rupert Everett

In his eagerly awaited memoir Spare, Prince Harry claims that a mysterious older woman stole his virginity. Rupert Everitt revealed on Friday that he knows who she is.

Following the publication of his autobiography, the Duke of Sussex made headlines last month by confessing, among other things, that he lost his virginity in a grassy area behind a bar. Despite knowing the name of the woman in question, Rupert has revealed that the royal has kept many details to himself, including the true location of the encounter.


Spare unanticipatedly went on sale early in Spain
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Speaking to the Telegraph magazine on the day the memoir was published but on Friday, Rupert shared the following information: “I am aware of the identity of the woman with whom he lost his virginity.

“It wasn’t behind a bar, either. And it wasn’t in our nation.” The Trinian’s reportedly said: “I’m just putting it out there that I know” in response to the question of whether he was implying that the duke had tried to cover his tracks on purpose to protect the identity of the woman involved.

Harry describes the encounter as a “inglorious episode” in the book. He wrote: “I had assumed he was alluding to the fact that I recently lost my virginity. horrible incident involving an elderly woman. She had a strong affinity for horses and treated me like a young stallion.


The memoir discussed bombshells from within the royal family
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“Short ride, which was followed by her smacking my rump and sending me off to graze.

“Among the many details that were incorrect were the fact that it took place in a grassy field behind a busy bar. Someone had undoubtedly seen us.”

When the book went on sale in Spain before it was scheduled to be published, it shocked the country. The Duchess of Cambridge’s reaction when Harry told her and Prince William that he was dating Meghan Markle is one of the memoir’s biggest surprises.


The Sussexes have hedges around their home in Windsor


Other significant events from the book, such as Harry’s final conversation with the Queen before her passing and how Harry thought Diana had been hiding for years, can be seen in our complete roundup of the most significant revelations from the book.

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