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Why isn’t Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet a princess?

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have ceased performing official duties, they still go by the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Despite having the legal right to use the titles Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September, their children Archie, age three, and Lilibet Diana, age one, do not currently bear royal surnames.


Archie and Lilibet currently don’t have royal titles
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As the grandchild of a sovereign, Archie is automatically allowed to use the HRH title, but Lili’s situation is more complicated. Will Lilibet Diana ever be a princess? This question is posed in light of the recent news that Princess Charlotte is expected to inherit an extraordinary collection of royal jewels from the Crown.


Is Lilibet Diana allowed to be a princess?


The HRH title and the title of prince or princess are automatically given to a sovereign’s children and grandchildren under rules established by King George V in 1917.

Why don’t Harry and Meghan’s titles match those of the three children of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis?


Princess Charlotte has an official HRH royal title
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The children of Prince William and Princess Kate were born with royal titles because according to royal protocol, “the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales” is eligible for HRH status.

You’re probably wondering why Princess Charlotte was given a title at this point considering that she is neither the eldest child nor the son of William and Kate. Because the first-child-only rule was abolished by Queen Elizabeth II’s 2013 letters patent, this is the case. Little Prince Louis is subject to the same stipulation.

When Archie and Lilibet were born, they were not the sovereign’s grandchildren but rather great-grandchildren.


Meghan and Harry’s daughter made a rare appearance in their Netflix docuseries
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Will Lilibet Diana ever be a princess?


The official royal website explains that Miss Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor is seventh in line to the throne, just below her brother Archie but above her great uncle Prince Andrew, now that the siblings’ grandfather King Charles is the ruler. This is the result of the rules being changed to include female children in lineage.

Despite King Charles ascending to the throne, neither Buckingham Palace nor the Sussexes have provided any clarification on the titles of their offspring. This could be for a number of reasons, including an unresolved security dispute, a desire for their kids to grow up out of the spotlight, or just because Harry and Meghan have decided not to.

Royals occasionally choose to renounce their HRH titles. Princess Anne, the daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II, decided to give her children names without a royal title to promote a more “normal” upbringing.


Princess Anne chose to not give her children Zara and Peter Phillips titles
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Mia, Lena, and Lucas’ parents Zara and Mike Tindall did likewise, stripping them of their royal prefix.

Although it is unknown at this time whether the children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will use their royal titles, this decision may change after King Charles was crowned in May of this year. It might take some time before an official confirmation is released due to Harry and Meghan’s ongoing tense relationship with the royal family.

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