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Princess Kate’s unexpected response when she is asked for a selfie

When the Princess of Wales visited Kirkgate Market on Tuesday to promote her new Early Years campaign, she had a special moment with a royal fan.

The royal mum-of-three, 41, was photographed as she was asked for a picture at the market in Leeds after speaking with vendors and stall owners. What followed was an endearing exchange.

“Can I get a selfie with Kate?” – the man asked in a video posted by Cameron Walker, the royal reporter for GB News.


Locals at the market were excited to see Kate
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“Yes, you can, quickly”, the Princess retorted.

He said, “Sorry, I’m really nervous,” as he held up his phone to record the interaction with the royal.

Catherine assured her by saying: “Please don’t be alarmed; we all experience anxiety. I’m glad to meet you; be careful.”

On Twitter, royal watchers were quick to respond, with one writing: “What a sweet response for that guy! just be sincere and decent.”

“What a lovely display of kindness and understanding,” said another.

The Princess of Wales launched her Shaping Us campaign on Tuesday with the intention of increasing public awareness of the significance of a child’s first five years and how they affect their future.


William and Kate at the pre-campaign launch at BAFTA
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The Princess of Wales  considers The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood to be her “life’s work,” along with the early years.

Catherine stated in a video message to commemorate the launch: “The early years of our lives, or the period between conception and age five, fundamentally influence the rest of our lives.”

“But as a society, we now devote a lot more of our time and effort to retirement.”

“Today, the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood is launching a new campaign, Shaping Us, to raise awareness of the life-changing impact we can have when we create a nurturing and supportive environment for children and the people who look after them.”

The Shaping Us campaign will give parents the “very best information and support” required to raise their children, Catherine promised in a speech at a star-studded pre-campaign launch she attended on Monday night with her husband, Prince William, at BAFTA HQ in London.


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“We can demonstrate through the Shaping Us campaign that everyone, not just parents, has a role to play in bringing up the next generation”, according to Amanda Berry, executive director of the Royal Foundation, which is funding the project.

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