The Duke of Sussex recalled their innocent play fights in Spare

Prince Harry ‘declares his love’ for Prince William in moving moment from memoir

Even though Prince Harry and Prince William’s strained relationship is the focus of the media, the Duke of Sussex has continued to express his love for his older brother.

The father of two, who has been participating in interviews for the book’s launch, recalled one of their innocent playfights from their childhood in a chapter from his incredibly honest memoir, Spare.


Prince Harry has spoken about his love for Prince William in his book
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The two brothers frequently played games like hide-and-seek and capture-the-flag with the couple’s four sons when they traveled to Norfolk to see Hugh and Emilie, friends of their father King Charles.

However, because there were no rules, the games would always end in a “massive scrap, and whatever the scrap, there were no winners.”

Hair-pulling, eye-gouging, arm-twisting, and sleeper holds were all acceptable forms of combat at Hugh and Emilie’s country home, according to Harry.

As the youngest and smallest, I always bore the brunt of it, he continued. However, I also put forth the most effort and asked for it the most, so I deserved everything I received. I didn’t mind having a black eye, a violet welt, or a puffed lip. Quite the opposite. Perhaps I wanted to appear tough.


Prince William is yet to comment on the memoir
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They frequently divided into teams before engaging in one of their imaginary conflicts. Harry said, “Sometimes I was fighting with Willy, other times I was fighting against him.” No matter the alliances, however, one or two of Hugh and Emilie’s boys would frequently turn and attack Willy.

“A blood vessel would burst behind my eyes and a red mist would descend as I heard him pleading for help. I’d lose all self-control and my ability to concentrate on anything besides my family, country, and tribe, and I’d lash out at everyone and anyone.

Harry admitted that he frequently grabbed William during these skirmishes. “I have no idea how proficient or successful a fighter I was. But I always managed to give Willy enough of a distraction to get away,” he added. He would assess his wounds, blow his nose, and then dive back in.


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Harry spoke adoringly of his older sibling and how much he loved him during United. He continued, “I always felt such love for him, and I sensed love in return, but also some embarrassment, when the scrap finally ended for good, when we hobbled away together.

“I was half the size and weight of Willy. He was supposed to save him, not me because I was the younger brother.

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