Charles asked the Archbishop for a deal to allow Harry to attend the Coronation

Will Harry still be Duke of Sussex? The answer may rest on his relationship with the King and Prince William

Since Prince Harry withdrew from his royal responsibilities, debates have raged over whether he should be permitted to keep his official titles.

Now it seems to depend on whether he can mend his strained relationship with his father and brother, who could deprive him of the formal titles he uses in Scotland and Northern Ireland, including the Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel.



Prior to the publication of the Prince’s explosive memoirs but after the release of the contentious Harry & Meghan Netflix series, 44% of British citizens said he should lose his titles, while 32% said he should keep them.

When her grandson married Meghan in May 2018, the late Queen gave him the title of Sussex.

When Prince Augustus Frederick, King George III’s ninth child, stopped using it in 1843, it became invalid.


Prince William has been ‘devastated’ by Harry’s claims
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Harry was given the title of Baron of Kilkeel, as opposed to the original Earl of Dumbarton, whose tenure began in 1675 and ended in 1749.

In response to the question of whether he would voluntarily give up his titles in a recent US TV interview, the Prince retorted, “And what difference would that make?”


It’s unclear whether Prince Harry will attend King Charles’ coronation
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And earlier this month, Tory MP Bob Seely stated: “They seem to hate the Royal Family institution but seem perfectly happy to use its titles.” Do not disparage the institution using the titles.

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