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Princess Kate ‘determined’ about exciting new project in heartfelt message

The Princess of Wales wrote an emotional open letter ahead of the start of a “major new awareness raising campaign” stating that she is “determined” that everyone is aware of the “critical importance of our early childhood.”

Catherine, age 41, posted: “Our brains grow at an incredible rate during infancy, faster than at any other time in our lives. At that young age, the relationships, situations, and experiences we have have an impact on the rest of our lives.”


Catherine hosted a group of experts at Windsor Castle earlier this week
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After teasing the campaign on social media earlier on Saturday, Kensington Palace released photos of the Princess interacting and playing with kids in an East London school last week while wearing a green pussybow blouse and fitted pants.

“We are laying the groundwork and building blocks for life at this time. Understanding ourselves, others, and the world in which we live is what leads to success ” – wrote Catherine on her letter. “But as a society, we now devote a lot more of our time and effort to retirement. I’m steadfastly committed to changing that with this sustained campaign.”

She went on to describe the future goals of her foundation: “It will begin by highlighting how we develop in early childhood and why these years are so crucial in determining who we become.”


The Princess is launching a new early years campaign
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A group of experts from the fields of science, research, policy-making, and front-line practice, as well as a number of well-known figures from the worlds of music, sport, and television, will join the Princess to help launch the campaign.

Catherine wrote as her closing in the letter: “We all need to be aware of the critical significance of our early years. These years truly are unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

“Everyone who reads this is urged to seize the chance to learn more about this amazing stage of life, to reflect on how their own upbringing shaped them, and, most importantly, to consider what they can do to help make the world a more accepting and loving place for our children.

“Because happy, healthy kids create a happy, healthy future.”


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It comes after the Princess expressed her enthusiasm for her new endeavor during a meeting with a group of eight academics earlier this week at Windsor Castle.

The devoted mother of Prince Louis, 4, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince George, 9, said to the group: “I’m a little anxious about it! but also ecstatic. I told the kids this morning that anxiety and excitement often coexist in the same situation.”

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