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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make staffing changes following success of Spare and Netflix docuseries

The last few months have seen Meghan Markle and Prince Harry making headlines around the world thanks to their Netflix docuseries and Harry’s memoir, Spare.

Both initiatives set records: Spare became the fastest-selling non-fiction book in history, while Harry and Meghan set a record for the largest streaming platform debut for a documentary series. The Duke and Duchess have hired new staff members and given promotions to some of their hardworking Archewell employees as a result of the enormous success.


Archewell is undergoing changes following recent successes
Photo: Netflix


According to Variety, Serena Regan, who joined the company at the end of last year, has been promoted to the position of Head of Podcasts, overseeing Meghan’s Archetypes, where she spoke with a variety of guests about social issues.

The two will welcome Shauna Nep, who most recently held the position of vice-president of philanthropy at SB Projects, to the Archewell Foundation as a co-executive director.

The communications team will also grow as a result of the appointments of Maren Thomas as manager of communications and Miranda Barbot as director of global communications and press secretary.

Ben Browning and Fara Taylor will leave the company by the end of the year, but there will also be some departures from the organization.


Spare broke records upon its release
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Ben, an Oscar-nominated director, oversaw the creation of the couple’s Netflix documentary while serving as the company’s internal content head.

Fara oversaw the marketing for both Meghan’s Archetypes, a podcast, and the documentary.

Millions of copies of Spare have already been sold as Harry gave an honest account of his life as a royal and his relationship with the Duchess of Sussex.

The Duke once shared a tender moment in which he and Meghan expressed their desire to start a family as soon as possible after their 2018 royal wedding.

“We did not want to hold off. We both desired to begin a family as soon as possible, “He clarified. “Unfortunately, we were working erratic hours and had demanding jobs at an unfavorable time. We’ve always had this as our top priority.”


The Duchess of Sussex is keeping a low-profile


To everyone’s delight, they made the announcement during their first official royal tour of Australia, Tonga, Fiji, and New Zealand. The couple gave birth to a son named Archie on May 6, 2019, just a few days before their first wedding anniversary.

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