Charles asked the Archbishop for a deal to allow Harry to attend the Coronation

Charles WANTS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to attend his Coronation

According to The Mail on Sunday, the King has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to mediate a deal so that Harry can attend his coronation, but William has refused.

According to senior sources close to Lambeth Palace, Charles wants Justin Welby to reach a compromise with his quarreling sons so that Harry and his wife Meghan can attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony in May.

Since the Sussexes stepped down from their royal duties, there has been much speculation about whether they would attend the high-profile event, particularly after the publication of Harry’s candid memoirs, Spare, earlier this month, which contained a series of hurtful attacks on senior members of the Royal Family.


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This news coincides with rumors that Charles is considering conducting his own TV interview prior to the Coronation.

The King is reportedly willing to make accommodations to convince Harry and Meghan to attend the coronation because he feels their absence would be more distracting than their presence.

William is reportedly worried that his brother will use the occasion to pull off a “stunt” that will overshadow the celebration.

According to sources, Harry may receive a formal guarantee that he will be able to keep his titles or a high-profile seat in the Abbey as an incentive to attend.

William worries that if Harry’s visit isn’t carefully planned, he might steal the show by, for instance, going on a walkabout with Meghan in a poor area of London.

The substance of the matter, according to one source, is whether or not they attend the Coronation and, if so, under what rules and restrictions.


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Because of the discord in the family and the indications that Harry is being advised to “play it long” until the very last minute, negotiations with him are proving to be very challenging.

Harry’s camp made it clear that it was impossible for him to attend the Coronation and act properly in exchange for having his titles removed.

He objects to the idea of having his titles taken away against his will, even though he may decide to do so in the future.

“He resents being grouped with Andrew as the two “problem Princes” in the public mind, when he considers the circumstances to be totally different,” says the article.

The Royal Palaces of Lambeth and Buckingham declined to comment last night, and a source close to Prince William claimed to be unaware of any such discussions regarding the Coronation.

A request for comment was not answered by Harry’s agents.


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Soon after the Queen’s passing in September, Mr. Welby, who will preside over the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, was initially asked to serve as a mediator between William and Harry.

Prior to the Sussexes’ official wedding in 2018, Meghan claimed in a TV interview that he had secretly married the couple. This forced him to clarify that the marriage that was publicly witnessed was the one that was valid.

In July 2019, he was compelled to skip the Church’s General Synod in order to baptize the couple’s son, Archie.

Following the release of the Duke of Sussex’s candid memoir, Spare, and the couple’s Netflix docuseries, speculation has been swirling about Harry and Meghan’s attendance at the coronation.

Royal insiders claim that the King was “livid” about his son’s attacks on the Queen Consort Camilla, who he called “dangerous” and a “villain” in TV interviews to promote his book, despite the King’s dignified silence regarding the accusations made in Spare.

She was the bad guy, a third party in the marriage, and needed to repair her reputation, according to the Duke.


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Additionally, Harry claimed that William had physically assaulted him and that the Palace had fabricated unfavorable media reports about Meghan.

Harry has requested a meeting of the minds with his family, but only after they have expressed regret to him.

Insiders worry that Charles might be questioned about Harry’s accusations if he were to participate in a pre-Coronation interview because the King has not publicly responded to them.

The King will be the subject of a BBC documentary that will cover his life and goals for the country as ruler.

According to insiders who spoke to The Mirror, Charles is reportedly “mulling over the interview offer,” but Palace aides are allegedly “concerned about the line of questioning.”

The source stated that the situation is “very delicate” and added that it is “not the done thing to avoid subjects in interviews.”

Any criticism of the Sussexes would “make worldwide news,” according to the insider, and could result in a reaction from Harry and Meghan that “would be unpredictable.” The Palace is aware of this.


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Charles could also pre-record material and give it to the BBC, giving the Palace command over the story. The insider added that pre-recorded material would “not address the Sussexes.”

According to a survey conducted last week, two-thirds of people believe Harry should be invited to the Coronation.

However, the survey showed a significant generational gap in attitudes, with 75% of those aged 18 to 34 in favor of the Duke attending compared to 47% of those over the age of 55.

After Geoffrey Fisher in 1953, Mr. Welby will be the first Archbishop to crown a monarch, and he has admitted he is having “nightmares” about the Coronation going wrong.

He stated, “I believe two nights ago I dreamed that I had left the crown at Lambeth Palace and we had reached the point [of placing the crown on the King’s head]. So how did I get the crown to Lambeth Palace if the entire Army is manning it? I’m clueless. But as I turned to look, I noticed that the King was staring at me. the worst. It’s obvious that it’s weighing heavily on me.

It’s simply a tremendous honor and privilege… and the Coronation weekend will be a time when the nation will come together. Being a part of that is pressure, but it is also a great honor.


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A “Coronation committee” made up of government employees, Royal representatives, and Church of England representatives will be formed by the Cabinet Office to plan the event, which will take place on Saturday, May 6, at the start of a bank holiday weekend. Given the security concerns it raises, the Home Office will also be heavily involved in the arrangements.

The King’s Procession, in which the King and Queen Consort ride in the Gold State Coach from Buckingham Palace to the Abbey, will kick off the festivities.

Over a thousand years ago, the Coronation service was held, and for the past 900 years, it has been held at the Abbey.

Charles will receive his crown while Camilla watches from the Coronation Chair, a piece of furniture that dates back to the early 14th century. Charles will then be anointed and have the St. Edward’s Crown, which was made in 1661 for Charles II’s Coronation, placed on his head.

At the Coronation, Prince William will also receive new honorifics, such as being formally introduced as the Prince of Wales. The Queen Mother’s Crown will be placed on Camilla, who will then formally assume the title of Queen Consort.


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Charles and Camilla will return to the Palace following the ceremony and make an appearance on the balcony alongside other working members of the Royal Family.

The following day, a concert featuring British rock and pop legends, a choir of refugees, NHS employees, and LGBTQ+ singers will take place at Windsor Castle and be broadcast on the BBC.

At an event called Lighting Up The Nation in the evening, famous sites all over the UK will be illuminated with lasers, drone displays, and other displays.

The Big Help Out will honor the contributions of volunteers on Monday.

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