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Princess Kate teases exciting new project at Windsor Castle outing

The Princess of Wales hosted her first event at Windsor Castle since she and Prince William moved to the neighborhood’s Adelaide Cottage last summer, and she admitted she is “excited” about an upcoming campaign.

In order to advise the Princess on the operations of her Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, Catherine, 41, met a group of eight experts from academia, science, and the early childhood field.


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It happened at the same time that Kensington Palace announced Catherine’s efforts to emphasize the value of a child’s first five years of life through her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood are accelerating.

Although Catherine did not provide complete information about the new campaign, she did say, “I am really excited for next week, there is lots coming out.”

It comes after Jacinda Ardern, the departing prime minister of New Zealand, received a private Twitter message from the Prince and Princess of Wales following the news of her resignation.

The Princess appeared for her meeting wearing a very affordable bodysuit and a tuxedo. She completed her look with a set of pearl earrings.


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Catherine said to the crowd: “Today, I really just want to consider and talk about what comes next. How do we continue this discussion?”

“This campaign primarily aims to increase public awareness of the significance of this problem. And it’s sort of about what we can all do together to continue the conversation and what we should do next.

This campaign is laying the groundwork for why early childhood is important.


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The royal mother-of-three stated that it is about creating the “building blocks and the scaffolding” for how we first start to understand ourselves and others as well as how it helps shape us, our relationships, and the emotional experience of childhood.

These are really difficult, significant issues to consider, she said. “But I believe that one of the main focus areas from the perspective of the center is how we can foster the social and emotional skills that are essential for later life. How can we control and regulate our emotions more effectively? How can our relationships be strengthened?”


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They are tackling “big questions, big topics,” she said, adding that they are “complicated.”

The meeting was held in the Green Drawing Room of Windsor Castle, where some of the most well-known photographs of the late Queen Elizabeth II were taken.

The center was established as a result of research that demonstrates how the first five years of childhood fundamentally shape adulthood and how social challenges like addiction, violence, family dissolution, homelessness, and mental health have their roots in these early years of life.


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Following her meeting, the Princess tweeted in her own name, writing: “Our @Earlychildhood Advisory Group had an insightful first meeting where they discussed their passion for the extraordinary influence that the first five years of life have on us as individuals. Amazing things are coming up!”

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