Duchess of Sussex may have expressed worries that Spare could ruffle feathers

Meghan had ‘gentle concerns’ about Prince Harry’s memoirs

According to a report published today, Meghan Markle voiced “gentle concerns” about Prince Harry’s decision to release Spare and questioned whether it was the right course of action.

The Duke of Sussex’s wife is rumored to have expressed worry that the couple’s popularity on both sides of the Atlantic might be hurt by his memoirs.

The royal couple is renowned for maintaining harmony, as seen during the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. When Meghan promoted her book The Bench in New York, Harry was also present in the schoolchildren’s audience.


Meghan Markle was ‘more wary’ of Prince Harry’s memoir release


However, Meghan, 41, has been conspicuously absent from any promotion or interviews since Harry, 38, published his explosive memoir Spare, which criticizes his family and reveals that he killed 25 Taliban fighters.

She allegedly avoided the situation so she wouldn’t be charged with “trying to steal the limelight” while also being “media-savvy.” According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Telegraph, Meghan may have expressed mild reservations about the book.

Is this how she would have handled things, the source asked? Perhaps not. However, she will always support him and would never have participated in the promotion of such a private endeavor. This was a reflection of the author’s life, journey, and viewpoint.

The publication of the book coincides with Harry’s popularity in the US and the UK reaching an all-time low as a result of the backlash to his memoirs.

Harry has acknowledged that he made changes to the book after it was published.


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The duke admitted to the Telegraph that he withheld some shocking information out of fear that his father and brother would “never forgive” him.

“The initial draft was unique. It used to be 800 pages, but it’s now only 400 pages. Put another way, it could have been two books. And taking things out was the difficult part,’ he said.

‘There are some things that have happened that I just don’t want the world to know, especially between me and my brother, and to some extent between me and my father. Because I doubt they’d ever be able to forgive me.

However, he issued a warning to the royal family, saying, “The way I see it, I’m willing to forgive you for everything you’ve done, and I wish you’d actually sat down with me, properly, and — instead of saying I’m delusional and paranoid — actually sit down and have a proper conversation about this, because what I’d really like is some accountability. And my wife’s forgiveness.

The Spare controversy has caused the duke to face a storm and has caused a remarkable rift within his family.


The duke sits with schoolchildren as Meghan reads from her book The Bench in New York in September 2021
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Harry claimed he was aware that disclosing intimate details about his family would cause controversy, but ultimately came to the conclusion that he needed to include them in order to accurately tell his story.

However, there are other details that he was aware would be inappropriate to reveal.

His ghostwriter received these memories only for context purposes; they were not included in the finished product.

Apparently, Penguin Random House and Harry and Meghan have agreed to a four-book deal worth up to £16 million ($20 million).

The Telegraph quoted him as saying that any possibility of a family reunion is “unlikely at the moment” and that discussing trauma makes people unfriendly, “especially within my family.”

How dare you bring it up because that makes us uncomfortable, he retorted.


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He tells the Royal Family that even though “you may not like me in the moment,” “maybe you’ll thank me” in five or ten years.

As evidence, Harry made an appearance at the conclusion of his wife’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. The Sussexes typically present a united front.

Since then, he has appeared in several cameos, including juggling in the window at the conclusion of Meghan’s 40th birthday video and sitting in the audience with schoolchildren in New York while she promoted her book The Bench.

It was once said by Meghan, “We’re like salt and pepper.” “We move together always.”

Meghan, however, has been conspicuously silent since Harry published his explosive memoir.

There are allegations in the memoir that the Prince of Wales physically assaulted Harry, made fun of him for having panic attacks, put his own interests ahead of Harry’s, and was envious of Meghan and the Princess of Wales.


The Duke of Sussex’s autobiography has sold 750,000 copies since its publication
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Since the book’s publication on January 10, the prince has participated in a number of high-profile media appearances, including an interview with Anderson Cooper for CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Additionally, he made a largely solo appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

When the duchess and Prince Harry traveled to New York to accept an award for their “heroic” stand against “structural racism” in the Royal Family, they were the last of the two to be seen in public together.

The Telegraph was informed by sources that Meghan might have been charged with trying to snatch the spotlight if she had been involved in any way with the book’s promotion.

Some people have said Meghan’s absence conveys a message that this is Harry’s initiative.

A source close to the couple claimed that Meghan was “more wary” than the prince about the intensely personal memoir and that she may have expressed “gentle concerns.”

‘Truth bombs’ in Harry’s book, it has also been claimed, could have ‘dire consequences’ for his wife Meghan’s political aspirations.

The prince, who served in the military under the alias “Captain Wales,” stated in one passage that he did not view the dead “as people” but rather as “chess pieces” that he had removed from the board.



In light of rumors that Meghan may have ambitions for elected office, brand experts have warned that the revelations could dash those hopes.

According to Nick Ede, Meghan’s lofty ambitions of running for office will be directly impacted by the revelations from the new book Spare.

Her husband’s open admissions of using drugs, graphic accounts of losing his virginity, and—most significantly—his admission that he killed 25 people while serving in the military could all have a negative impact on her and her aspirations.

“We know that when someone has political ambitions, they are constantly being scrutinized by the media as well as political adversaries.”

Last week, it was asserted that Spare has experienced the fastest non-fiction book sales since records have been kept since 1998.

Since its release on January 10, the duke’s autobiography has sold 750,000 copies in the UK in print, audio, and e-book formats combined.

According to the publishers Transworld, the UK division of Penguin Random House, it became the best-selling memoir ever for its first week of release.

The book, which was written by famous ghostwriter JR Moehringer, sold 467,183 print copies in its first week alone, according to official statistics from Nielsen BookData.



According to Nielsen data, the book has surpassed the prior record of 210,506 set by Kay Allinson’s first Pinch Of Nom cookbook in 2019.

Harry called Camilla, the Queen Consort, the “villain” and “dangerous” in a US broadcast promoting the book, accusing her of repairing her reputation at the expense of his.

The prince said he “would like nothing more” than for his kids to get along with the Royal Family as he continued a string of high-profile promotional interviews.

Despite criticism he has leveled at his brother William, father Charles, and stepmother Camilla, he made comments about his son and daughter.

Additionally, he referred to his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, as his “guardian angel” and claimed that she was always by his side.

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