Prince William warned he could never rise to throne after crushing poll against Royal Family

According to anti-monarchy activists, the Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales may never become the next monarchs due to the decline in public support for the Royal Family. Since the publication of Harry’s book, there have been growing concerns that a barrage of unfavourable accusations could permanently damage the “Firm’s” reputation. According to the most recent YouGov surveys, the “Firm’s” reputation has suffered due to a decline in the percentage of Britons who expressed pride in the monarchy, which fell from 55% in September to 43% in January.


Prince William has been warned he may never become King after a crushing poll shows falling support
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According to surveys, one in five Britons are now embarrassed by the monarchy, up from 15% in September.

Graham Smith, an opponent of monarchies and a Republic spokesperson, asserted that there is “every possibility” that William won’t succeed to the throne in light of these figures.

He stated to  – “Even less likely are George’s chances of ascending to the throne.”

William is probably going to be in his 60s when he becomes King, and George will be well into his 60s, so we have 100 years of fairly elderly men ahead of us.

Prince William may never succeed to the throne, according to Mr. Smith, who noted that there have been “many protests at Charles’ coronation,” “a lot of anger at,” and “the fact deference doesn’t exist since the Queen is no longer there.”


The Royal Family has seen a drop in support since September, raising questions about the Waleses            Image: GETTY


“And we’re going to see a lot of Commonwealth countries abandon the monarchy,” Mr. Smith continued.

Mr. Smith stated that the monarchy’s long-term survival is becoming less and less likely in light of all the challenges it will face.

The dea*th threats Symon Hill has received since being charged with using threatening or abusive language against King Charles at a proclamation ceremony for the monarch believes are evidence that the monarchy is in decline.

He stated to  – “I received messages urging me to be executed for treason, and an Essex conservative councilor suggested that I be sent to the Tower of London.”

Hill continued: “And why are those individuals being so hostile? They are on guard because they are aware that the monarchy is becoming unpopular and doesn’t make sense.”


Prince Harry went on a media tour to promote his book Spare in the US and the UK                                            Image: GETTY


The most recent YouGov polls are “concerning,” according to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, but he added that it is just one of the many crises the “Firm” has faced over the years and it will bounce back just as it did after Princess Diana’s passing in 1997.

He stated to  – “Despite the fact that the current crisis is not unique, this statistic is alarming.”

“With the annus horribilis and Diana’s tragic death, the 1990s were a terrible decade for the royal family. However, by the time of the Golden Jubilee in 2002, the tide had turned and the royals had regained popularity.

Mr. Fitzwilliams went on to say: “The senior members of the Royal Family continue to enjoy strong support. It does somewhat depend on what the capricious Sussexes decide to do next, but this drop in support is not expected to last for very long.”


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were given a human rights award for standing up to racism in the “Firm” Image: GETTY


In his report about public opinion and the future of the Royal Family in the wake of the Queen’s death, political scientist Prof. John Curtice reached the same conclusion.

Over the past 30 years, despite minor ups and downs, support for the monarchy has remained remarkably stable, with about 35% of British citizens saying it is “very important” to keep the monarchy in place.

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