The youngest of Prince William's children shares similarities with his uncle, Prince HarryPhoto: Getty Images

Prince Louis’ hobby he inherited from uncle Prince Harry

Following in the footsteps of his uncle Prince Harry, who was renowned for his playful sense of humor as a child, Prince Louis is thought to be the cheekiest of Princess Kate and Prince William’s children.

However, Princess Kate revealed during a meeting with England’s wheelchair rugby league team to commemorate their World Cup victory that little Louis also shares a passion with the Duke of Sussex.


Prince Harry has played rugby since school
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A quote from Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, about his younger self was echoed by the Princess of Wales during the engagement: “Louis is mad about rugby.”

When describing his passion for rugby during his time at Eton, Harry noted: “I participated in [all] sports, but rugby was my favorite. A beautiful game that also gives you a reason to collide with things severely.”


Prince William and Harry both support rugby
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Louis, who is four years old, also enjoys the running component of rugby, as his mother noted of her kids: “They’re all avid athletes. They are at a stage in life where they simply adore moving around.”

Princess Kate, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis participate in a morning ritual.

Prince George is known to be a big tennis fan and even took lessons from champion Roger Federer in 2017, while Charlotte stated during the Commonwealth Games in 2022 that gymnastics is her sport of choice. Prince Louis stands out from his siblings due to his love of rugby.


Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are styled as HRH now, while Prince Harry’s children will not have that option until Prince Charles is king.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte share a passion for football; Prince George goes to games with his father, Prince William, and Princess Charlotte wishes the Lionesses luck before the 2022 Euro final.

What a talented family—Prince William even remarked that Charlotte was good in goal!

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