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Princess Kate’s morning ritual with Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis

Princess Catherine is well known for packing a lot of exercise into her schedule, including tennis and running. However, at a recent engagement, she shared a new hobby with the public.

The mother-of-three revealed that she uses the trampoline to stay fit during a visit with England’s wheelchair rugby league team, giving one of the players an insight into her exercise regimen.


Princess Catherine said Prince Louis loves rugby
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The 41-year-old responded, “It’s running around after the kids – I do it all, whenever I can squeeze in exercise, even jumping on the trampoline with my kids before school,” when asked if she went to the gym.

Prince Louis’ preferences for sports were also revealed by the Princess of Wales. They all enjoy sports, and Louis is a huge rugby fan, she continued. They are at a stage in life where they simply adore running.


Princess Catherine spends her mornings with her children on the trampoline
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Tom Coyd, the team captain, echoed the Princess’ praise of Louis’ abilities on the field. “She reported that Louis plays tag rugby at school. She claimed that he is still learning the passing and running around and that it is currently quite basic.

However, he continued, “when you’re four and a half, all you want to do is get the ball and run.”

The remarks are a repeat of what Princess Catherine said about Prince George in 2017 when he was learning to play tennis, when she said that George “just wanted to whack a ball.”


The Wales family have an active lifestyle
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The team invited the Wales family to come and play, and the Princess of Wales responded, “I’d love to come and play,” which will probably be music to Louis’ ears. There is no longer any justification. It will be necessary for us to hold a family training session.

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