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Prince William pays touching tribute to Princess Diana with solo visit

Prince William, who made his second solo appearance of the week on Thursday, has had a busy week.

When William visited Together As One, a nonprofit organization created to help combat youth gang violence, on Tuesday, he quickly won over the hearts and minds of the kids there.


Prince William followed in his mother’s footsteps on Thursday
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The royal continued to charm onlookers on Thursday as he spent time at Depaul UK, a north London-based charity that helps young people experiencing homelessness.

The Prince had a meaningful outing that day. Princess Diana, who passed away, played a key role in the charity.

She came to the country three times for events in 1990, 1993, and 1995. Just two years before her untimely death, she did the latter and inaugurated the first Depaul Trust Hostel.


Princess Diana pictured leaving the Depaul centre in 1995
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Diana gave her eldest son a strong sense of the importance she placed on the issue of homelessness. William is a patron of The Passage and Centrepoint, two charities that support young people who are homeless in the UK. He also wants to involve his own kids in these organizations.

William described an eye-opening visit to a homeless shelter with his mother when he was 11 in a Big Issue article from the previous year.

He declared that he would treat his kids “as my mother treated me” in that regard.


Diana inspired her son in his fight against homelessness
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“Homelessness has stayed with me as a problem I want to fight for ever since I came here with my mother. I’ve done everything I can to increase awareness of homelessness, but I still want to do much more, he said.

Although I might be one of the least likely people to support this cause, I have always believed in using my platform to share those stories and urge others to pay attention to and take action for those who are in need.

The Prince said that he wanted to “highlight something that matters to me” as he approached his 40th birthday.


The Prince is keen to pass on his passion for the issue to his children
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So, he said, “for my part, I pledge to keep doing what I can to bring attention to this resolvable issue not just today, but in the days and years that follow.

And in the years to come, I hope to take George, Charlotte, and Louis to see the wonderful organizations supporting those who are in need in an inspiring way, just as my mother did for me.

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