Will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex send their children to state or private schools in California?

Harry and Meghan’s school choices for Archie and Lilibet revealed by Montecito resident

The schools that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s children will attend have been exclusively revealed by a nearby Montecito resident.

Richard Mineards gave us a fascinating look into the type of education Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana might have received in the sunny Californian town where famous residents include Oprah Winfrey, James Corden, and Katy Perry in an interview for HELLOnew !’s A Right Royal Podcast, which you can listen to below.


Archie as a baby with his royal parents


When Royal Editor Emmy Griffiths questioned Richard about Archie and Lilibet’s upbringing in Montecito, he responded:

“Obviously, at this point, I can only speculate… However, he attends a top-notch pre-school in Montecito. Despite not being public schools like those in England, our state-run schools are very good. Additionally, the area they serve includes a very good school called Cold Spring School, which has received excellent reviews.”

Richard also said “So, if Archie decides to pursue a state education, the junior school he attends after this preschool will be his next stop. Our local junior high school, Montecito Union School, is extremely good and is attended by many Tony names, famous and wealthy people’s children.

Then, as I mentioned, he could attend Cold Springs, or they might declare that they want to pursue a private education.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex


HELLO! Additionally, we talked to Sandro Monetti, a royal authority in Los Angeles, who filled us in on everything from whether Prince Harry and Meghan will remain in Montecito to how Lilibet will affect the city of Los Angeles as she grows up. You can listen to our podcast above.

Richard went on to say “Harry attended Ludgrove and then Eton College, so it stands to reason that they would choose a private school like Laguna Blanca or Cate School instead. Ultimately, it is up to them to decide how to best educate their children. Harry attended Ludgrove and then Eton College.

“They actually have the funds to do it. However, Meghan might prefer to stick to her roots and follow the state school procedure.”

One of the best private schools in the region is the Laguna Blanca School, which Richard mentions. Since it first opened its doors in 1933, Laguna has built a solid reputation for success, with all of its graduates going on to college. The costs increase to $31,950 annually.

According to their website, they “create meaningful experiences both inside and outside the classroom that are true to our mission and aid students in developing a sense of the world around them.”


Crane School, Santa Barbara


310 students attend The Cate School, which opened its doors in 1920. There are 5 students for every teacher. Its 150-acre campus is only five minutes from the beach, and its eye-watering $54k annual tuition reflects this.

According to the school’s website, Cate has been fusing the best of West Coast energy and innovation with East Coast tradition for over 100 years in order to serve highly motivated, independent-minded children.

Crane Country School, which opened in 1928 and has since attracted an elite clientele, is an additional option for Harry and Meghan’s kids. There are typically 15 students in each class, and there are seven students for every teacher. The annual cost of tuition can reach $31,950.

The school’s ethos is described on the website: “The goal of Crane Country Day School is to offer an experiential education that strikes a careful balance between intellectual challenge and artistic expression. We thrive as a community that promotes the joy of learning while fostering character and self-assurance.”

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