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Princess Kate visits Luton nursery for first solo outing of the year

On Wednesday, the Princess of Wales went solo for the first time this year and expressed her joy by playing with kids at a Luton nursery.

As part of her ongoing efforts to emphasize the significance of early childhood to lifelong outcomes, Kate visited the Foxcubs nursery.


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The mother-of-three, who has displayed her maternal side throughout her twelve years as a royal, met with staff members and spoke about the importance of nurseries in a child’s growth.

The Princess founded The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021 with the goal of promoting collaborative early childhood action that will transform society for future generations. The Princess has long been an advocate for the value of early childhood to lifelong outcomes.


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Kate chose a colorful outfit for her first solo outing of the year, donning a two-piece knit by Gabriela Hearst and her go-to camel coat from Massimo Dutti.

Foxcubs Nursery, operated by the Early Years Alliance and rated “outstanding” by education watchdog Ofsted, provides 70 spaces for nearby children between the ages of two and five.


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The center encourages parents to get involved in nursery life and offers places to families eligible for free childcare and early education with a focus on learning through play.

The Princess spent some time interacting with the nursery kids and participating in some of the arts and crafts. The royal and the children laughed a lot as she guided them in creating face masks.


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The children laughed as Kate was a good sport and held up the ornately decorated bunny mask to her face.

The Princess engaged in conversation with children as they played in the sandpit at the nursery.


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The Princess laughed loudly as three-year-old Ezaan proudly displayed his toys for the camera while donning a construction helmet.

The Princess later sat down for a conversation with Foxcubs staff members and Neil Leitch, CEO of the Early Years Alliance, and she praised the kids, saying, “They’re great kids I had a nice little chat with them.”


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When she asked the staff about their observations, she said, “I think we really saw that highlighted during the pandemic, I think families realized and communities realized, [when] these spaces were closed down for the majority of the time, I think everyone realized how vital they were.” She also asked the staff about their experiences with nurseries.


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The largest early years membership organization in England is Mr. Leitch’s Early Years Alliance. After the visit, he said: “I think she was impressed about the work we do generally and the fact that it’s about supporting community as well as children.

She undoubtedly understood that a child’s future is shaped during these formative years.


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Kate also participated in a discussion with parents about the daily assistance the nursery offers as well as for the long-term social and emotional growth of their child.

One mother told Kate that despite the childcare issues, the lockdown gave her “precious” time with her child, and the royal sympathized, saying the woman had been able to share “milestone” moments. The group talked to Kate about the lockdown’s effects.


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As the Princess left her engagement, there was even time for a few selfies with her parents.

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