King Charles III stepped out in Sandringham wearing a rather charming accessoryPhoto: Getty Images

Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis’ adorable Christmas gift to King Charles revealed

Has King Charles just unveiled the gift that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis gave him for Christmas?

The monarch and his wife Queen Consort Camilla left their Sandringham residence on Sunday to attend a church service in Castle Rising. The frugal King chose to dress in a large wool coat with sharp lapels that has been in his collection for more than 40 years. However, did you catch his tie?


King Charles greeted royal onlookers en route to church
Photo: Getty Images

The 74-year-old royal wore a silk tie with a cute design on it. Given his impeccable appearance, the candy blue dinosaurs that were on the sweet pink tie almost went unnoticed.

This charming accessory is the King’s first appearance, and we can’t help but wonder if his grandchildren chose the whimsical pattern.

After being moved by his conversation with David Attenborough, Prince George is well known for his passion for all things paleontological. When he first met the kids, “he was brilliant with them,” Prince William remarked to the BBC.


The monarch rocked a playful dinosaur-print tie
Photo: Getty Images


He displayed the children his fossil collection, which I believe George at the time adored because he had so many dinosaur fossils.

Prince Louis, who is four years old, has a special interest in dinosaurs and once spent a fun day at the Natural History Museum with his nanny Maria Borrallo.

The King Charles’ tie may have been inspired by a large animatronic T.Rex, one of the museum’s most well-liked exhibits. How lovely!

Recently, His Majesty’s attire has generated a lot of buzz, especially on TikTok, where fans of royal attire were quick to notice his vintage coat worn on New Year’s Day. One user wrote to their 128,000 followers, “I just want to talk about the coat that he is wearing.”


Prince Charles and his grandson Prince Louis shared a particularly poignant yet adorable moment


“He’s had this coat since the 1980s, maybe even earlier. King Charles is the monarch, but he doesn’t always dress in new clothes; his coat dates back about 40 years. We adore a king who is sustainable!”

In the video’s comment section, viewers praised the royal for recycling wardrobe essentials, with one user writing: “also his shoes. It appears that he has owned some of them for over 30 years.”

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